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Friday, September 4, 2009

starry night

I'm really going to miss my Friday afternoon post. I like it. A Friday morning post will suffice, and give me something to think about when I am sucking in the Western sky from my tent tonight.

I made heart shaped ginger bread "cookies" today. The "cookies" are much more bread-like, or cake-like than I had intended, but the dough was too sticky to press out, so I added more flour, since it was too late to add more butter. They taste good, BUT they are not the dense, soft delightfulness that I was hoping to make. I am officially on the hunt for a new recipe. The one I used for this batch is from my Better Homes cookbook. I call it the cook book for non-cooks. It tells me how long to cook asparagus, and how to make butter cream frosting. Usually I am quite pleased with the food I brew up out of the potions in that cook book, BUT... i gotta go else where for my ginger cookies. Oh! I should look up ginger cookies, or soft ginger snaps, instead of ginger bread. NOW I figured it out. Hmm...should I mention there is zucchini in my cookies? Because we just have a lot of zucchini so it is added to everything possible? Nah. I will keep that my little secret.
So. Are you missing my kids? You are, aren't you! Well, if you insist, I'll post another adorable photo, okay, two adorable photos.
Sunday supper outside.

Enjoy the weekend and here's hoping for a real live starry night!


MindiJo said...

Yes. I was missing your kids. Thank you. They are like the perfect little kid models for anyone who would want to sell adorable kid clothes.

Joni said...

The first picture w/the cookie in hand melted my heart and I felt so lucky to get two bonus photos after your thoughts on cookbooks etc. So sweet.

elizabeth said...

cute photos!

the ginger cookie looked quite yummy.

i hope you had your starry nights!

(btw: i thought of you this weekend .. i took atlas outside late last night and looked up at the sky while he was doing his thing. there were some wispy white clouds in the black sky that were in the shape of something that was escaping me - like one of the Norse gods or the woman on the prow of a Viking ship or .. it'll come to me eventually .. but i was thinking that if you were there, you might be someone who could help me figure out what on earth it was reminding me of. :)

ethiopifinn said...

I would have loved to try, elizabeth. somewhere in my learning about self/life history, i swallowed something about looking up (instead of at my feet), and it is peace inspiring, looking at the night sky...

joni, the cookies are gone (mom ate the last one tonight) and the babes are in bed. sooooo sweet.

mindi, i could really sense it, how much you miss them. (excuse me, I just had a bowl of cold cereal and i'm hopped up) i have a client who was trying to push them into modeling, but "ma say no" is my motto. if my sister shirley ever develops her kids clothing line and sells it on etsy, i will make her use them as her models!!!

oh boy. i am sure this is one of those times where i am much more clever in my head than irl ;)