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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yes, it has been a week since my last post.

what of it? kidding, of course.

As much as I am open here, there are some things that aren't appropriate to share with the world, and some funks that are so obviously hormonal, I don't want them to cast a shadow on my little bloggie. Cute bloggie, good girl. This day is packed with random thoughts, as the creativity well is currently under construction. Doing a bit of a refurb' on my internal studio. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders.

In unrelated news, the neighbors just got a package from UPS. I ALWAYS get a little spark of excited hope that the delivery is for me. My last package arrived from Whimsical Junk via the good ol' post office. I LOVE a good cake stand. Thanks again, Jennifer. My Mom was rather surprised, and probably not in approval of my purchase, since my funds are so very tight at this stage in our life, BUT I love to shop and sometimes I just feel like being irresponsible and indulgent. Its not like the kids didn't get their lunches that week, or I let them loose in a pile of tinder and matches, although such a non-necessity splurge could flare up the burner under the simmering guilt pot.

How do you indulge? I do run-on sentences and pick up the occasional cake stand.

Happy hump day!


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I like how you put it about the creativity. :) I apparently splurge on vintage Fisher Price Little People. {I can really relate to your thoughts in this post, btw.} I bought a few that I'd won on Ebay and promptly came to a screeching halt over my excitement when I realized there are a *few* other more important things to be using our money for these days.

So, now I'm reading Dave Ramsey--and I'm excited and hopeful with the (hopeless) financial dept. for the first time in years.

Anonymous said...

Research shows that shopping releases endorphins! Last week during my dad's open-heart surgery, I needed those endorphins. So, only having 30 bucks to spend, I splurged at Goodwill in MQT. Ha.

Funny thing- my mom is the same way. While my dad was "under the knife" she and I went to Salvation Army. I think it calmed her nerves.


MindiJo said...

I'm not the only one in a funk! The difference? I rant on cyber space and then regret it. Hmmph.

Love Dave Ramsey. Even as big of a Dave Ramsey fan as I am, I still think a gal needs a cake stand pick me up here and there.

Jan said...

unfortunately, I probably eat to splurge. Shopping wise, a splurge is something for me. Like last summer I splurged on new padded bike shorts.
When I am emotional or menstrual, or whatever, I must not turn to shopping as a release. Maybe that's my problem : )

Amy said...

I have recently been wanting a cake stand- I don't know why because I hardly ever make a cake that comes out of the 9x13 pan! I splurge at garage sales!! I crave them all winter long!

elizabeth said...

i want a cake stand too, and i never bake. i was drooling over the ones from bauer pottery when i bought atlas his dog bowls but could not figure out how to justify a stand for a non-existent cake. (hmmmm .. i need more practice justifying - i am usually a pro.)

i've been in a funk this week too. ugh. double ugh. today, i wrote on my white board - "whine - it works". next to my other quotes that say "today is the first day of the rest of your life" and "Let the beauty you love be what you do." LOL. what is up with this week.

ethiopifinn said...

cake stands can hold padded bike shorts, photos of your loyal pup, a lemon, or 4 lemons...

they are very useful.


we are camping on the weekend, so seeeyuh.
Peace and love!