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Sunday, October 4, 2009

in three posts, i'm going to contemplate a draw(r)ing, but for today...

I am thinking about my sisters.  I have four of them, you know.  And they are all whole people, each and every one of them.  Turns out, now get this, I am a whole person, too. Not half.  It would be good to be half my size, but not so good to be half a person.  So, I have four whole sisters, and they each have four whole sisters, and one whole brother, and one holy brother.  I know its not funny, but really, it is awkward listing the siblings, all six of my whole siblings, because my oldest brother is ten toes up next to the old church in Cowtown.  I always count him in my mind, but I don't usually want to add him to the list when folks ask about my family, because inevitably the question is, "And what about your other brother?  Where does he live?" or "What does your older brother do."  Sometimes I just say he's out West doing his own thing.  Its true.  But not in the way the questioneer assumes. Anyway, you weren't asking, that was my own digression, so back to my whole sisters...

Next Sunday I am hosting our Sisters Lunch.  This is our fourth event.  One sister was resisting the planning and asked me why we were trying to do it so soon after the last time.  She had a blast the last time, by the way.  We all did.  Certainly  I had a great time.  I love my sisters, but we really don't know each other very well.  I think our Sister Filters are much thicker than our Other People Filters.  Especially for ... for what? Hmm. Dunno.  Well, what I would like to see happen with this fourth lunch is acceptance.  Acceptance for imperfections.  Acceptance for life challenges, differences of opinion, differences in lifestyle.  I want to laugh or cry with my sisters, and hold each other up, and really show great love.  They are all works in progress, and y'all know I am, but it would make me so so so so happy if it would just be okay with each of us within ourselves to accept the things we cannot change.  No, we don't have to fix her; and yes, it is good that I am direct; it is okay to let her heal slowly; please, let go and let love reclaim your spirit because you are a wonderful mother;  you are not less beautiful, if you feel out of control.  Life is hard and we all struggle at times, but what potential for growth! We ARE whole. 

Now, C'mon and love one another right now!

Please, don't get the impression that we fight or don't have fun.  We do.  And when those oldest two girls start laughing, look out!  They are so funny!  I am just getting to see them all in a new light, this year, from spending these long lunches together.  I want them simply to feel as loved as possible, accepted and loved, and for all five of us sisters, daughters, mothers to be friends with whole happy hearts. 

Now is that so much to ask? Geez.  What is with all the tears around here?  Yesterday I cried when writing a note to MOE at the end of the day--about the cards and responses.  I have a lot to be thankful for.

  Like Five Whole Sisters.  (Hey, that is the title of my book, I bet!)  And some very wonderful friends.  And you guys know about that husband of mine, and my babers.  And my love of words.  I am thankful for that.  And photos, with a goal of getting a mack daddy camera someday.  So yep, thankful for that goal, too.  Lunch is ready. Thank Heavens!


elizabeth said...

can I place my pre-order for the book now?!

I think that's a lovely thing to ask for. I wish that for all of us. :)

The Sisters Lunch sounds like a great idea! (And like lots of fun.) Enjoy!!

MindiJo said...

Ugh. I love this post so much. I wish I had thought of it. Darn it. Your sisters are so very lucky.

Sharyn said...

That second photo rocks my Monday! Love it!

I'll place my pre-order as well.

I have one sister. We talk, *maybe* once a year. She calls me when she needs something. Sad truth. I've tried to tackle that bridge, but it's more than I'm capable of or understand.

An acceptance lunch would be lovely. Love that.

Anonymous said...

grand idea, a sister lunch and working on acceptance. we all need it, and we should all give it, as well. love shouldn't be conditional.
since i've always wanted sisters, i'm telling you, keep it up, so i can live vicariously through you and everyone else with their little house on the prairie relationship y'all have with da sistahs.
(shut up! you do so have perfect relationships. i'm not listening.....la!la!la!la!la!)
~ann b.

Anonymous said...

Your sisters look like fun, colorful girls.......just like you!! I want a copy of that book, my dear.


ethiopifinn said...

i seem to remember laura and mary fighting quite a bit...lol.
you are right--it is all good (if not perfect.)

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

The Sisters Lunches sound awesome. What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I'm pre-ordering the book now. Who do I send the money to? :)
Carol P.

Joni said...

I'm jealous you get to do the once-a-month lunches, I have to get by with once every year or so weekends (or once in a lifetime all 4 sisters together at once retreat) - which I don't know what I would do without. Have fun on Sunday!