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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mr Conductor (train) and a Fairy.

We'd been talking to the kids about Halloween this week, but I just wasn't feeling very inspired.  Since they went down for naps a little late yesterday, I figured we were just going to skip the whole trick or treating thing.   On top of that, we were planning to eat at our fave Wild Wings--the first out-to-eat in a month.  As we were getting the kids dressed, Theo mentioned going to the neighbor's house to say "Trick or Treat" and get candy.  He did not forget.  I didn't have a costume for him....I'd sort of been wondering about it all week, but nothing felt like an inspired costume.  There was an octupus idea from a magazine I saw at work, although it was just an idea; I'm not sure Theo knows what an octopus is.  Suvi's fairy wings were a dollar store purchase from a few weeks back.  We asked Theo if he wanted to dress like Mr Conductor from his Thomas stories.  He liked that idea.  Suvi had to be coaxed into her wings.  They loved the thought of going for a walk at night--we hit up three of our neighbors for goodies.  One gave M&M's, one Nerds, and the third Reese's PB cups.  I let them have the nerds, and we recycled the other treats.  Well, I hid one of the Reese's and will be enjoying it at work sometime this week.  I had Dots to offer, but I think Dad missed some kids while we were at the neighbor's door.  I put some of the Dots and the "bad" candy in a bucket on the step and it was all gone, of course, by the time we got home from Wild Wings.  Fully packed and satisfied from our chicken and chocolate cake.  Peanut free :)

There is a lot in my mind lately, with Dave Ramsey changing our life, and the clouds diminishing my sunshine, and feeling a little lackluster/under the weather.  I added up some blown cash from October and realized I basically ate my student loan payment.  Oops.  And it seemed to be going so well! Our new cash life.  Apparently there are still some improvements to be made in the behaviour change department.  Aside from that whoopsie, we are doing okay on our new path to living like no one else.  I didn't think we could make it on our income.  Guess what?  We can.  It is tight, but it feels so good to know that October started us on a journey to better communication and humility and gratefulness, and a new relationship with money.  We are teaching our money how to behave.  One month of not increasing our debt.  Now. To start hacking away!
Thank you again Mindi.  This class, FPU, is a bigger gift than I realized.  You really helped me to be honest with myself, and actually do something about it when you gave me the tuition to Financial Peace University.
  You rock, little Mama!


elizabeth said...

Oh, that is so awesome to read, Jenny. I am so glad it is working for you. :)

I love Theo's costume. Very inspired.

Anonymous said...

My hubby is starting a DR journey now too. I am scared and excited. It opens up a whole new dialog in our relationship.

I am happy that I will have someone to discuss the fear with.....you go girl. You are my HERO.


Joni said...

I listen to DR sometimes and know he is good, have been putting off digging into the whole thing though. I'm glad you are learning, gaining from his ways, I will have to quit procrastinating. Cuties in their costumes!

MindiJo said...

Okay, this brought tears to my eyes. You get it! You do, you do! See, you can't get until you do it, can you? I'm so happy. It's life changing. Makes your steps a little lighter, doesn't it? Knowing you can do on what you have? I wish EVERYONE could experience it. Read my blog today. It's such a good thing for our life.

I'm happy for you. I really am. And I feel very relieved to know that my money was well spent.

Leanne said...

You're doing a great job! Love the costumes!