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Friday, November 6, 2009

sweet dreams

this morning i woke with the memory of a wonderful dream
and i composed a satisfying post about it from under my comforter,
but in the 12 hours that passed
so has the dream

i remember talking to a character from my late teens
the object of my infatuation
who treated me with such kindness
in my emblazened innocence and need

if he ever thinks of that young girl
i hope he smiles and chuckles
and i hope that somehow he knows
his consistancy and open arms
helped me grow
help me love my life now
and the girl i was then
The two most important men in my life cleaned up the yard while i was napping this afternoon.  The missing neighbor's yard was blowing into ours, so Habtamu raked 9 bags full of leaves!


Julie said...

beautiful post. :)

elizabeth said...

wow. that is a lot of leaves.

the dream sounds wonderful - as does the memory.

mella said...

sounds very warm and healing...

and sweet father/son bonding!

Anonymous said...

aaawwww! Nothing like daddytime. (and a mom's nap.)