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Monday, December 28, 2009

First of all, I won't be 44 for nearly 10 years

My sister (we'll call her #6) called me a couple days ago to fill me in on the latest scoop emerging from another town.  Okay, from #1's neighboring town.  Still with me?  #6 goes on to tell me that the news is, circling around #1's community, ..#6 and her man are divorcing.  Seriously.  Ridiculous!

Instantly I knew who started the rumor (which is FALSE, as they are just a few weeks away from their 27th anniversary).  The culprit happened to be telling this rumor to #6's friend.  Who said, "No. They Are Not.  I would KNOW."  Culprit then assured her that it must be true as she herself witnessed #6 walking into Target holding hands with a black man.  #6's friend informed Culprit that #6's younger sister is married to a Black Man.  (By the way, I consider myself married to a RockStar of Ethiopian heritage, and wonderful partner, father, joker, who left his home country for some adventure, to fulfill his destiny of becoming my lobster.)

Figure it out, friends?  Culprit saw me holding hands with my husband of five years, and I saw her.  Which is why I said "Hello" all friendly like.  So it came down to a case of mistaken identity.  Mari, lets just put it out there, and I are often confused, but most often it doesn't result in much emotion, other than thrilling the elder of this set of twins.  She is totally 10 years my senior.  So what?  I look like I have skipped my 30's and crinkled right into 44?  I don't think so, Lady.

When Mari called to tell me this story, I thought it was hilarious.  Then I shared it with some women of FB who have some ties to that area.  It just made me laugh, and I figured they would get a kick out of it!  But it still hasn't left me.  This morning as I was washing up, my eyes seemed baggier, and more wrinkled.  And looking like my lovely sister would not make those things more true; something dark in that gossip has settled in my mind for the moment.  It is not expected to linger much longer, but I can feel it there, behind my Botox free forehead.  Culprit's mistaking me for my sister is funny, her assumption that my sister's marriage was in collapse hints at her own sadness, perhaps.

And for now, I am 34.  At least until July!


Sharyn said...

first of all, you're young.

second of all - I have to laugh because my mil tells me that the same rumor was started about my husbands uncle when he was seen with her in town. But see, she really IS married to a twin.

Jan said...

That's funny!!!
And maybe the culprit needs new glasses?? I get mistaken for my (older) sisters too- I can empathize with you.
And I haven't seen you in person lately enough to know how old you're lookin' these days :(

ethiopifinn said...

sharyn, but those two really do look alike...except for the facial hair, sometimes! and same town as my story, i bet, with your in-laws new address! :)

jan- it seems like peeps know who your parents are, but not where you fall in the line up. at least they don't confuse ya for tim!

Sharyn said...

yeah - they do look alike. our kids still mix them up. Mark was all confused at teija's wedding because richard (who he thought was grandpa) was on the phone in the lobby talking to the real grandpa and he passed the phone to mark who was thoroughly confused. LOL

Emily said...

Jen you look great... not a minute over 25! :) I think people see who they know... especially if this gal thought she stumbled onto some juicy gossip. She sees your sister much more often than the rest of the gang, hence... mistaken identity.

I get thought of as the older sister often and Amy is three years my senior. Joys!

And as a daughter of the twins, I used to mistake them often as a child. Now my children will call Robert "grandpa" even when I them who he is.

Anonymous said...


ha ha. I bet your sister was proud to have been "seen" walking with such a handsome man.

You look great for 44. heh. heh.

love, B

Joni said...

I enjoyed your story about the mixup of 2 beautiful sisters who look alike. Does age even factor into it? Your loving smiles bring out your true age, and in your cases, they must match!

Laura Jean said...

Yuck. I hate gossip.

You look like you're 21. I would know 'cause I see you all the time in real life.

ethiopifinn said...

laura jean,

or wait. nope.

hahahahahha! thanks :)

elizabeth said...

When Helen flew out to join me on my road trip to Michigan (2 years ago), we went to my usual dog park one evening. One of the regulars came over and said, "Oh, is this your daughter?" I chuckled. And then she asked if we were twins. I tease Helen about this all the time - the twins part. And then she says, "Well .. first, she thought that I was your daughter so clearly you look MUCH older." Come to think of it, someone asked if Margaret and I were twins last year. Makes for lots of laughs having siblings that are quite a bit apart in age, I think. :)