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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Because Julie told me to post every day, I'll just mention the events of this week, poetry or no.

Two of the Childhood Friends invited us to visit this week.  I am not much of a hostess, but I do like to hang out at someone else's table and chat!  It was great to see all the old friends, make that long-time friends, and catch up a bit...BUT. But there really isn't much catching up that happens.  It is so busy with all the kids around, and, well, it just has to be said.  I like tiny groups.  Like, dare I say it? Groups of two, or maybe three.  If there are no kids involved, more than three is quite okay, but it turns out, I am most comfortable with not much noise.  In fact, I usually have to turn the radio down at work...my boss likes to jam his easy listening.  So it was comfortable to be in such proximity, and it feels good to simply see the faces of my youth.  But I feel, now that I got to see those lovely faces on two separate occasions this week, as though I really want to talk.  Real Talk does me good.  And laughing and tear generating.  It makes me happy. 

Also, I get so nervous for my kids to play with other kids.  I gotta get them out with agemates more often.  Because they adjust quickly, but Mama worries.  About what?  Who really knows.  I just want it to be a good experience.  They had fun.  Suvi told me she was happy on the way home.  Good sign, right? I KNOW!!!


Joni said...

I so do know exactly what you are talking about...such fun to see all the kids, but how do you connect, chat and find each other in all the action? It's a tough one.

Anonymous said...

I always feel better and more "myself" with one or two people. But my kids think the more kids to play with the better. and I am happy to see you post everyday. I miss you. nancy

Julie said...

Haha! You're awesome.

I hear you on the small groups. I'm the same way. And it's incredibly hard to catch up with others when kids are needing things and you're only halfway concentrating on the conversation. Glad the kids had fun! (But coffee for mama alone next time.) :)

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the 1 or 2 friends. I find it's much easier to just go out for coffee in the evenings to reconnect. BUT, then the kids don't get to know others.


elizabeth said...

Oh, I hear you. Whenever I'd make my once-a-year visit home, I'd really want to spend time with some old friends. But what always ended up happening was that it turned into a dinner with *everyone*. On some level, I don't mind - because I get that they're all busy and it's a good excuse to get together - but on another level, there are so many people and in the end, I leave feeling like I didn't really get to catch up with anyone like I really wanted to. It is so much easier to connect in smaller groups. Ah well ..