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Sunday, March 21, 2010

leaping and dancing like a moon shadow

or late afternoon shadow

I was feeling full and sluggish this afternoon upon waking from a very nice nap.  Oh the weather is so lovely, my head was saying, "Get outside!"  "You love this day, this season, this SunSHINE!" but my body was saying, "have a laze on the couch for a while, Lazy McLoungerson."  Thankfully my husband read my mind, and we went out for a little walk.  Not far or fast, but certainly outside in the delightfulness of our first evening of Spring. 
It is always surprising to me what he thinks to talk about when we are outside.  His brain thrives on the fresh air, and my mood feeds on the fresh air in my lungs and fresh ideas in my ears.  For quite sometime Theo has chosen to walk with us, but today he wanted to ride in the double stroller.  Suvi loves to "drive."  She sits in front (its a tandem stroller....maybe i'll find a photo).  With our current schedule, Sunday is our only time to walk together, the four of us.  I love it.
As we were heading out the door for our walk, I stepped in the doorway of the living room and laughed at my shadow.  The top left photo was taken by Habtamu.  He brought me the camera and shepherded the kids out of my silhouette.  These rays were shining through my winter plastic covered dining room window through the kitchen walk-way to me and my living room wall at 6:30 this evening.  Makes me want to leap for Spring is here!
The seats lift off, so you can face the kids looking ahead, or back at you, or facing each other.  We keep them both facing forward now (less fighting), with Theo in the backseat.  He is heavier, and its a little easier to push.  Suvi's feet dangle below the foot rest these days.


elizabeth said...

I like the shadow.

Spring totally deserves a dance! Yay!

Jan said...

love the shadow photos! I have a thing for shadows, I have always been attracted to them.

And spring walks! I love those too- we pick up garbage on our road in the spring.

Sharyn said...

awesome shadow!!