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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

UGH! Changes?!

Here I sit on my throne, the computer chair, having read through all the overnight status changes and blog postings, wanting to contribute.  I'm sort of surfacey feeling these past few days.  Can't get into a deeper thought mode, or bother to pick-up the weekend clutter... I'm not feeling bad or sad or mad.  I am graced with moments of glad-- seriously, I LOVE the sunshine.  Perhaps the thing is, we need to be outside, but I am lazerific.  When I am in this mode, the only thing that sounds worthy is shopping.  And since there are no pressing needs for the home, shopping doesn't make sense, either!  So from my perch, I turned to the kids and said, "I think we need to make some changes around here."  Suvi: "Changes?" Theo: "UGH! Changes?!"  Yes, my small friends, it is time.

Then I asked them, "Do you think you guys can go play with your toys, instead of playing right by Mommy?" "No! Trouble, Mommy," says Suvi. 

I would like to be thinking about Purpose, and learn more about the Health Care Bill, and set aside the bitterness of some of those who oppose, and the strangeness of  some of those who support.  But I can't.   I have to go play with my children now.  It isn't at all about me, or what I don't know or understand.  It is all about them in this season, my Purpose is to be in the moment with them this day.  I can do that.  And I can see the benefits to their health when I take them out to the vitamin D enriching sunshine. 
I just had to finish this post first. Heh. 

But why do I still have that draggy feeling in the back of my head?  Maybe I need a shower... ACK!  It is all about me, afterall.


elizabeth said...

Play with your children, my dear. They are the future. :)

However, in case you want another option for vitamin D .. I have adopted the clever idea of cats and dogs around the world. When it's sunny, and I don't want to go outside, I lie in front of the patio door and nap as the sun streams in on me. I am just not entirely sure how you'd get Theo and Suvi to nap too. Oh! Maybe you could all "play" at being dogs and cats!

ethiopifinn said...

Good idea! They love to play new games--playing is a challenge for me. I like to sing or 'do' something, this is a marvelous plan! And I can ponder my other purpose while we stretch and meow. :)

Julie said...

Yes, what Elizabeth said. Head out with your kiddos and enjoy the day! :)

I love dreaming about what may lie ahead in our lives (exciting!) but right now, life is more about them and being present and that's the way it should be. Speaking of, the boys are telling me that it's time to play dragons. I wonder if I have to play princess? I make a terrible princess. ;)

They're little and impressionable for such a short amount of time. Enjoy your day!

mella said...

I love your honesty about how you are feeling.
I had an extra minute, so I thought about Purpose for you, heh heh... I still see a personal style consultant as a way to get your shopping fix met. enthusiasm when it comes to clothes shopping is so foreign to me, yet I have always felt so good in what you picked out for me, and had fun doing it :)
but home shopping I do get into.
I wonder what sort of trouble Suvi was referring to!

Leanne said...

You are delightful. Even when you're in a funk. Your honestly is so refreshing. I've had a hard time getting my head around my emotions the past couple days too.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

creepy! Who the heck is that?


Anonymous said...

PS. I decided that yesterday I was going to try the potty thing again with M. But he had a friend over and played outside most of the day......you know what happens then.

So, last night I went to get the book "potty training in a day". Now I have to find a day that I can spend just having parties and focusing soley on a 3 yr old.


elizabeth said...

Ah, I do love me some Jack Handey. Clearly anonymous has good taste in quotes. :)

I forgot to tell you that I love your new banner!

ethiopifinn said...

B--Theo does so well in the house with potty training, but it is like the whole concept goes out of his brain when he is in his true element--the back yard. I even told him he can pee behind the garbage can, but he just didn't remember :) Oh well. Summer is almost here!

We did go outside after that post, although it took me over an hour to open the door. And I got to talk to a pal while my kids were straying into the neighbors' yards. The fresh air did us all wonders.

And the trouble? Suvi is always digging in my stuff, Mel, she knows her tendencies well :)

And i clicked on the other anonymo-- just a little asian p o r n. Nice greeting for me this morning. Woah! Deleting the comment now.

Jenny-Used-to-be-Granroth said...

Hello there "Ethiopifinn" :) It's been a long time! Isn't it funny how they love to be right by you wherever you happen to be! I'm at the computer with a baby in my lap, a two-year old ...oops, gettin ready to draw on the wall with a green marker..."Go put the marker away," I just told her, to which she replied, "No." ....excuse me while I go put it away myself...okay, now tantrum taking place...and my five year old happily plays with his truck doesn't care a bit! So fun to see you again on the internet Jen! Seriously though, don't we all have those sort of blah-ish feeling days...also, it can be hard to tear oneself away from the computer (especially when you know there's a major mess awaiting you...speaking from experience...as in today that's the sort of day I'm having!....huge mess waiting and it starts in this very room and keeps on going)