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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last Thursday we were Zoo goers

and Gram treated us.  That was a sweet little surprise.  When we started getting out of the car, I was wondering how the OL and PL would do all day with all the animals and the toddlers.  Wait, is 3 still considered 'toddler'?  But we did alright!  It was fun, and I think Suvi enjoyed the animals even more than I anticipated.  She really loved the fish in that tropical area.  And they both loved feeding the goats.  Theo was happy to see the baby chicks, just as we were leaving.  What a day :)


Leanne said...

Oh, how I love the zoo. Looks like you and yours do, too. Nice surprise from your mom!

Joni said...

I love when your mom shows up in your blog:) sounds like a fun day, the pictures are great.

mella said...

I can see the adoration in Theo's expression gazing at the sweet li'l chicks... cute.

interesting that there's even a farm animals exhibit at the zoo - I wonder if they're becoming as exotic to our cityfolk as the giraffes these days!

Confused Chaos said...

Perfect! Great memories!