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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The I Am's

Joy Boyd is one of the contributers in Kay Allenbaugh's Chocolate for a Mother's Heart.  I mentioned her short story, and how it made me bawl.  I found the book (turns out I could have googled it and linked it, but didn't think of it til now ;) in with the kids' toys last week.  I just want to share the list she created in a moment when she was "frustrated and exhausted with [her] son's antics"; she "sat him down in his little chair...'Son, repeat after me,
'I am smart
I am talented
I am creative
I am trustworthy
I am loyal
I am truthful
I am athletic
I am loving
I am kind
I am brilliant
I am skillful
I am honest, and most of all
I am beautiful."'

If you would like to read the full contribution, this is a link.

From what she wrote, it seems she feels this list, and the additions she made thereafter, instill a confidence and self-worth in her children.  To me, it serves as a reminder of the innocence of these little children, how fragile their hearts are, and just what precious gifts God has placed in my care.  And it is good for their Ma to hear those words outloud.  Although, athletic? Really? That part is good for them and a snicker for me.

That said, we just got home from a weekend away.  Habtamu's birthday weekend.  It was V E R Y stressful, with a few shining moments.  I expected some challenges for the first 24 hours, but on a weekend trip...THAT IS HALF MY VACATION!  Well, I DO appreciate being home today.  And feel 1,000 times more relaxed than last week.  So in the end, it was worth the power struggles (seriously children, you need to eat some food, cuz your parents are very anti-low blood sugar whining).  Happy Birthday, Habtamu.  I love you.  And your little kids, too!
our only family photo from the weekend.  because i insisted.  glad i did!
*you might notice my nose is swollen due to my current medical condition which will be resolved in 6 weeks or so.  thank you for your concern, and for knowing my nose. I am beautiful.


Joni said...

you make me laugh about your nose - I remember noticing the same thing. I'm glad you feel relaxed after the fact, and that you got the picture - super beautiful! well done, Jenny;)

Confused Chaos said...

Due to your current medical condition haha! 6 weeks already?
I'm glad you make these little trips with your little family.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing. My sister was just complaining about HER swollen ankles.

I was just asking when you were due.......neither of us could remember. Now we know.


Julie said...

The list was so sweet, made me smile. :) Cute family photo- can't believe it's only six weeks away.

ethiopifinn said...

b- my ankles would totally pound her ankles...my toes are like sausages!!!!! ;)

MindiJo said...

Six weeks?! Crazy how time flies when it's not me.

Cute picture. And happy birthday to your hubby!! He's one lucky man.

Your gorgeous, nose and all. BTW. Funny how you notice your own nose, but I don't see it on you.

Leanne said...

I love that photo! Great work.

I am most challenged by Matthew right now. He's whiny and bored, and lazy. So I hear myself calling out the negative a lot. When, especially now, he probably needs me to do the opposite. Thank you for that perfect reminder!

elizabeth said...

I'm glad you got the photo - you all look very happy. :)

Love the list! Would be good for adults as well as children.

Jan said...

If it's a boy, Owen. A girl, hhmmm...how about Alice.

Though you like Finn names maybe- so how about Paavo or Impi.

ps. this is in response to your comment on Julie's blog : )

ethiopifinn said...

Paavo or Alice. The Mom gets her way, right? ;)

Brita said...

I did not know that you were expecting! Congratulations. I love this family picture. You have the cutest kids in the world!