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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Well, what if i dont WANT to get over it?!

I just called to make an appointment for one of my kids, and the lady on the other end of the phone asked the question I don't like.  "Race?"  I paused.  And I don't know if it was quite long enough of a pause to inform the questioneer of my irritation, but I hope she noticed, at least.  "Well, biracial: caucasian and african." EEW EEW EEW.  I don't care about the funding and the categorizing and the BA-LONEY.  This kid is a US Citizen, and a resident of your school district and I think protocall is uncalled for (in this case).  After I hung up the phone, it occured to me that my kids might get some free stuff, having the benefit of a multi-cultural ethnicity.  Finns get no cred' for being needy.

One of my girlfriends used to annoy the shiz out of me by singing, "Get Over It."  I never liked that song, nor do I like the sentiment.  She is much sappier now, and she would certainly not respond that way anymore.  (You know who you are, you little Maple Leaf)  She'd probably just listen to me vent, because she's awesome that way.  And she doesn't try to fix it.  She simply lets the words come out.  Even if its more reading that listening recently, it feels good having her as part of this sounding board.

Anyhoo...might bug me to box up my kids into a certain race classification, but it prolly aint that bad to pull the race card once in a while.  Stupid bureaucrats.  (Can you get my kid in sooner, pretty please?)


Julie said...

Mrs. Sassafrass, you always end up making me laugh. "Can you get my kids in sooner?" I can see how it'd be a touchy subject, though.

Laura Jean said...

Eew, eew, eew indeed! My least favorite part about the adoption home study was "child preference". It SUCKED. We tried to look at it from the child's perspective- giving the community we live in, we didn't feel an AA baby would be the right 'fit' for us- and that decision KILLED me. I can love any baby, dangit!!! We did change our 'preference' (gag on that term) on our last home study update. We had a long talk and decided that if the baby had at least some caucasion in them, then we would have that similarity and all would be good. Still hate it though- it breaks my heart that we had to make a decision like that.

Joni said...

you are too funny.

MindiJo said...

Don't get over it. You know that well-behaved women seldom make history. Learned that from Julie. She's so smart.

Next time tell them that your babies are the most perfect combo of a wonderful mommy and equally wonderful daddy. Half mom, half dad. The best of both worlds. The result of a loving relationship that is not hindered by race. And THAT, my friends, is all that matters.

ethiopifinn said...

Well, it turns out the two lades (short for ladies) i've spoken with so far are really nice, phone-wise. and the first lade this morn', she was nice too, it is just my issue :) and my ONLY issue. bahahahahaha!

oh my word, laura, that would be so hard to have to say, but you are right. you must consider your surroundings, and how that might affect your babe.

joni/34y.o. i know. bahahahaha!

mindi, those are THE words! next time i am asked, i'll just say, pardon me. i have to look up my blog comments from april 2010. because MINDI is smart too. must be the 30 thing.

elizabeth said...

Or you could say, "Why yes, we race. He (or she) always wins." Unless you win, in which case you might want to change your answer in case they ask you to prove it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Why would they CARE what race your kids are for an appointment? We are Polish, (right Dee and Nan?) We should get to be first in line for Polack. ha. Stupid world.


Jan said...

It isn't required to answer the question of race, is it? Like, isn't it one of those "optional" questions you are not required to answer- at least in the school system? Seems like I have seen/filled out forms where it is optional. So opt out.