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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Suvi has been saying "pewp" for a while now, and she sometimes adds a cute little "-ily" affectionately to her pewp conversation.  And she is adding "-y" to many items as well.  She's a funny girl.  On the phone, when she is saying good-bye, its: "I love you! Heh, heh! Bye!" really fast.  Sometimes she comes up to me or Daddy and pats us, "I love you, too, Mommy."  "I'm happy to see you, Daddy."  Oh how she charms us!  Which is good, it balances out the challenges Miss Independant demonstrates.  Ooh!  She is willful.  I'm glad she is assertive.  She makes sure she gets her hugs and loving in.  And when I correct her, she usually goes along, appologizes when she should, and keeps moving.  "Ask Mommy in a nice voice," and she does.  She's a great helper...and totally curious and mischievous.  She's the brave one, and the first to jump off anything, or dig where she shouldn't, but she's still sweet enough to fess up, telling on herself everyday.

Her brother, on the other hand, is a bit of a follower, and really listens to the rules, even if he might go right ahead and break them with his sister.  I often here Theo saying, "Suvi, Mommy said..."  I'm glad that he is paying attention.  He is so great at entertaining himself.  He can make a train out of anything.  It is fun to hear him narrating his play now.  And he is talking A LOT (like, 'please, Theo, lets play the quiet game.' i always win).  We have babied him quite a bit, but I think it is his own personality, as well, to want a bit more cuddles and coddles.  He refuses to try new foods, and wants help falling asleep.  Although, when he falls asleep, he often drifts off with a smile on his face thinking about the day he just finished, and the day ahead of him.  I love to hear him bargaining with Suvi, to get what he wants out of a deal.  I love it that she is willing to compromise, most of the time!  He is always listening.  I was doing some venting to my Mom a few weeks ago, and later, he retold the story to Dad.  Good thing it wasn't about Dad! (Be careful little mouth what you say, Jennifer)  He has a fabulous memory.  And somewhere recently he picked up the word 'capillary.'  I'm not sure what he thinks it means, but he is growing his vocabulary like mad.  "Mom, lets go outside and play with the rain." And growing his adventures.

I need to take a few moments now and again to appreciate what their little heads are taking in, how much they are learning.  I want to remember the simple joy they bring to my day.  I want to push my "I'm so exhausted"s from my mouth, and the "I love you." "You are wonderful" to the ears of my darling duo.  They rock.

Last week when they were driving me nuts, digging in my stuff, Suvi brought a book to me; Chocolate for the Mother's soul, or something cheesey like that.  It is similar to the Chicken Soup books.  Theo wanted me to read him one of the stories.  They are so not for kids, but sometimes I just like to read aloud.  The story I happened upon was written by a Mom who was feeling the pain of discipline for a 3 or 4 year old who was quite lively.  It struck a chord with me, as she listed off the techniques she tried to redirect her son.  In the end, she sat face to face with him and made him repeat after her "I am smart. I am curious.  I am adventurous.  I am brilliant..."  I really want to share the whole essay, but my kids got a hold of the book again, and I CAN'T FIND IT.  It will turn up.  Probably if I asked Suvi, she'd know exactly where to find it.  So, as I read, I began to tear up and actually cry.  It was as if the message was written for me.  To have patience and be kind and enjoy life with my children.  Suvi: "What's wrong, Mommy? What's wrong?" Theo started sobbing.  What a reminder that everything I do, say, feel affects my children. Instantly. 

Just now they were having a bit of a spat next to me.  I picked Theo up to comfort him, Suvi came over for a group hug.  Theo suggested going out to play with the rain, because that would make him feel all better.  Nice try, buddy.  Now clean up that mess!


elizabeth said...

They do rock. As do you.

I am giggling at the word capillary! Clearly he is taking after his mom and will have a way with words. :)

Leanne said...

It always amazes me how much personality they can have already in their little beings. Wondrous indeed.

And I'm glad you had a moment to step back from the everyday chaos that is motherhood to appreciate it.

This post, and you, are brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Suvi talks that much?!?! She was just a baby!

How nice to have the "moment" with your kids.


mella said...

love the picture you painted with this post, and this glimpse into your whole-enchilada motherhood experience!

beautiful how you make an effort to truly see your delightful children :)

from now on I am going to play *with* the rain too...

Joni said...

I LOVE hearing about it all, makes me want to cry a little bit too...those two are the best:) Thanks for helping me know them a little bit from miles and miles and miles away...sigh. -the telling on herself, so great!

Emily said...

Thanks for sharing your sweet little ones with us! Made me smile. :) You are such an incredible writer Mother Jen!

Confused Chaos said...

i love this!

Julie said...

This post was so fun to read. I can just picture your little ones, compromising away, breaking rules, etc. Makes me giggle. Beautifully written... loved it.