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Saturday, April 17, 2010


I just got home from work.  Before I headed out of the salon parking lot, I was texting my sister about our gardens--she is feeling summer inspired with the green cropping up, I was sharing my excitement about my handful of tulips.  Walk in the living room and what appears before me makes me gasp and shudder: tulip petals.  They picked the 4 open blooms and the one that was about to open.  GRRRRRR!!!!

Daddy just took them outside...and the kids came back in to give me these.  Mari said I'll have more next year. Hmph.  Suvi and Theo did look so cute with droopy tulips in hand...stinkers.


Julie said...

Oh no! :) Some bunnies ate off all the heads of mine one year and I was quite sad. I do love tulips, they are so beautiful.

mella said...

meep. those cute little stinkers!

elizabeth said...

Oh no! I wish I could airlift you a bunch. The flower displays at the market were full of tulips, though I didn't end up buying a bunch this visit.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I've had similar experinces here. If it ain't the kids, it's the rabbits.


Joni said...


MindiJo said...

I bet they did look cute, those precious stinkers.