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Saturday, May 8, 2010

a word to the wise...(or not so wise)

If, on Mother's Day Eve, the father of your children declares at 7:45 PM he is going to Target, don't tell him not to go.  Don't say, "You don't have to get anything for me," if, indeed, you really DO want the dang card.  Seriously.  They are pretty literal, and they just might not go.  But if it is too late, and the idiot practical "oh, I wanted a surprise" foolish part of you does spout out some nonsense about not spending money, or going out so late, try this.  Text him while he is in the bathroom, giving you a break and bathing your children, and then bring him his phone, innocently mentioning "Your phone was ringing, honey."  At this point, feel free to linger to see if he wants you to finish up the baths, or dart out, so you don't have to look him in the eye.  I brought the towels in, and he snickered at me, and said, "Sorry, I was going to get you an expensive camera, but you said you don't need anything."  Giggle sheepishly and slip back out of the bathroom before he actually does ask you to help with bathtime. 
Then, when he heads out the door for this sudden, mysterious errand, ask if he'll grab you a 2 liter of Coke.  "Since you're going out..."

Happy Mother's day to the Moms, Mom-to-be, Mother's daughters, Friends O' Momma's, and especially, My Dear Mama!  (seriously Mom, get internet again.  you wont be disappointed.)
she needed her shades :)
putting the swollen feet up, Suvi was giving me a foot rub, and showing me where her eyes are.
Mother to be tea, my yellow book, and the new one


Leanne said...

Lovely. Happy Mother's Day, my dear!

Cory called tonight. I told him that Matty wouldn't go to sleep (this was 7:20 pm. What? My patience was at a daytime low.) He told me to put him on the phone. I refused, and he said "he needed to talk to him anyway." I'm sure that was mysterious, too. ;)

Heli said...

Happy Mother`s Day Jenny! I am at my mom`s:)

elizabeth said...

Enjoy your Mother's Day, Jenny!

Your story made me giggle.

ethiopifinn said...

I hope you hugged Aili for me!

Isn't it weird how we want help, and then refuse it? Stubborn girls. Good thing we don't listen to ourselves all the time. What a mystery!

Thanks, Lib!

Becca said...

Happy Mother's Day Jenny!

Joni said...

Love the photos - especially the 1st one - beautiful people:)
Hope you had a good Mother's Day, I thought about you.