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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

some faves and a fave to ask of you

Last night I was browsing through my archives, and just picked a few of my personal favorite posts.

happy day
to sum it up
my man

And, I have a question... How do you feel about having an ultrasound?

At the beginning of this swollen nose project, I told myself I wouldn't get one.  And then, the OB ordered one, because they do that, and I decided just to go ahead.  And I told myself, if they suggest a second ultrasound, I will say "Nope."  But now my midwife ordered a second ultrasound, and I scheduled it for next Monday.  I had late ultrasounds with Theo and Suvi, too.  I think it is for my size. Theo was 7 lbs 13 oz, and Suvi was 7 lbs 3 oz.  I had gestational diabetes in my first pregnancy (I successfully managed it with diet, and Theo was not big, nor did he have the large head and chest which is common when the GD is difficult to manage).  No GD with Suvi, although I stuck fairly close to the suggested diet (balancing carbs and proteins) during Suvi's second and third trimesters.  My midwife ordered a THIRD glucose test after my last visit, which I didn't take, because I passed the first 2 tests.  I do not have GD with this pregnancy, although I did agree to order the test strips again, and have been checking my fasting and after meal sugars this week.  They are normal, and I have NOT been eating the previous diet.  I have had a big jump in weight, and the ol' uterus is measuring high (just like I did at this point in my 2 earlier pregnancies).  My feet and ankles have been horrendously swollen for 2 months, but last week the midwife said, "I think this is just how your body does pregnancy."  Oh really, but the other measurements that are trending exactly the same way are not?

Because of the way my babies react during the ultrasound, I feel like they don't like it.  And I don't know if I am being too...hesitant?...about it, or what the heck.  Oh, I was induced a week early with Theo, because if the GD, my weight, and the feeling the OB and CNM had that he would be a huge baby.  It was my first experience, and I didn't know what I didn't know.  I do not want to have an induction before my due date this go around.  It just seemed, in hindsight, that it wasn't the proper choice for me and Theo.  Saturday I will be 36 weeks...it would be fun to 'see' the baby, but is it necessary?


Jan said...

I had ultrasounds every week during the last trimester with the twins. (Watching the twin to twin transfusion.) I don't feel that ultrasounds are bad- it's just up to you. I lean more towards wanting to be able to be proactive and giving the dr. whatever info they can get to make decisions with. I tend to be a nervous Nelly when prego...I wouldn't be the one to deliver at home : ) My body doesn't tend to handle the woman stuff very well.
But for you- do what you feel most comfortable with.

ethiopifinn said...

thanks jan! maybe this is just my own nervousness coming through... wanting to be in charge of something, since nature is taking the lead.

Laura Jean said...

This is coming from an adoptive mommy- I have a handful of ultrasound pics and a 40-min ultrasound video of our baby. I cherish them, as they are my only 'connection' to the baby. So, my opinion doesn't really pertain to your dilemma, but I am so happy to have 'pictures' of our baby. Plus, one of the pictures says 'boy' and has an arrow- there's no mistaking the gender of this babe! lol

Sharyn said...


I never had an ultrasound for any of my kids. It's actually something my mother-in-law is adamant about and it rubbed off on me.

I told all three of my doctors that I would get one if there was a red flag that warranted it, but that I wasn't going to get one just for routines sake, as that seems unnecessary to me. And if they declare a red flag - they would have to prove that red flag - not just wave one to get me to get one. LOL One doctor had me sign a waiver, the other two did not, and one doctor applauded me.

I can't give you a clear written reason why I don't get them - just that I avoid anything I deem not particularly necessary. Okay - that might come from my Laakso side. But my mother-in-law was very against them because she felt, like you mentioned, that the babies became more agitated, and she feels certain that the increase in kids having ear infections has to come from somewhere - like maybe ultrasounds. The increase in ear infections doesn't just *happen* - something is causing it. That I believe wholeheartedly.

Good luck to you!!

Julie said...

We had many detailed ultrasounds with Gregory. Our initial ultrasound actually caught his birth defect and prepared us- it's the only way doctors would have known it was there. Otherwise, the pregnancy was 'normal' and he showed very little signs that anything was wrong- he measured right and was strong.

I think the first one is crucial for catching things like that, and the others? I don't think they're really harmful, even if they don't seem necessary. Whatever you're comfortable with. I'll be rooting for the 'no induction'! :)

Julie said...

Oh, I should add. Gregory's ultrasound prepared us AND the doctors (more importantly). The defect needs immediate attention and the right people to take care of it were there at his birth. Although it did help us mentally to prepare beforehand, too. :)

Confused Chaos said...

You've educated yourself enough and you're experience in how your body handles pregnancy enough to make this decision thoughtfully. Unless they have a specific need for the health of you and/or the baby why add the stress?

Heli said...

Enää muutama viikko, Jenny! Onnea!
Kun odotin Saaraa, kävin ultrassa joka kuukausi:)

MindiJo said...

I don't have a problem with ultrasounds. I quite like them, actually. That being said, go with your mama bear instincts. You know what is best for you and your babe in your situation. Stand up for yourself, woman!! I'll stand with you, if you need. (from far away, unfortunately) You are your babes only voice at this point. And don't make them induce if you don't want it. You should have the first say in all decisions.
Jan surprises me. Huh.

Sharyn said...

I've also known/heard several cases like Julie's where it was a good thing that they got the ultrasound. I think that's where the momma instinct comes in. Momma's know.

Emily said...

I think you have to do what feels right for you. I will confess I LOVE getting ultrasounds. I too have relatives that didn't encourage me to have them, but every single one I've had has brought me tremendous relief and tears of joy. It really makes the miracle of the baby come alive for me.

The ear infection theory hasn't come out in my children. Eva had more ultrasounds than I can count due to medical reasons and has never been treated for an ear infection.

My family had numerous babies born with birth defects before my marriage so when I became pregnant I pictured a baby with four legs and two heads. My ultra sound made me feel relieved that all was well. Good luck with your decision and your baby. Can't wait to hear the news.

ethiopifinn said...

thanks so much for your opinions on this one, ladies!

i'm going to keep the appointment. we have a lot to be thankful for with 2 healthy kids. hoping for more good reports on monday :)

much love!

ethiopifinn said...

that makes me feel better :)
oliko ongelmia, vai...?
i'm still giggling about "children's day". have you made them a card yet?

Heli said...

Jenny, I think the children`s day is in the end of the year so I didn`t make a card yet;)

Kyllä, minulla oli vähän ongelmia, kun odotin Saaraa. Ehkä muistat, kun olin Teneriffalla ja jäin sinne sairaalaan...onneksi kaikki meni lopulta hyvin:)