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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

time is fleeting


there is so very much to be said, but so very little time in which to say it.

AND, someone got kicked off the list.  don't mess with me when i don't have my rest. GOT THAT?

my sweet new baby is pretty great.  he's still mostly sleeping, with interruptions for eating and diaper changes.
except between 1 and 6 am.  he's kind of noisy...not crying, but complaining.  i keep falling asleep while i'm feeding him, so i don't get him a proper burping.  and then when i wake up enough to get us back in our respective beds, he starts making noises.  and he's nearly ready to eat again.  we'll get the hang of it, but for now, just look how cute he is "watching" mommy blog.


Heli said...

Jenny, hän on todella suloinen! Aivan ihana pieni käärö!
Ihania, vauvan tuoksuisia päiviä!

ethiopifinn said...

Thanks Heli! I love these newborn days...so sweet and fresh.

elizabeth said...


Anonymous said...

aww! Jen, you sure know how to make 'em.

Those first weeks are all upsidedown and backwards,hey? And then they smile at you and it is all worth it......

I want to hold him!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that he's been such a wonderful baby for you, Jenny. Of course, I wouldn't expect anything different! :) You are right, time is fleeting! Can't wait to meet baby Judah!

ethiopifinn said...

e, b, a,


Julie said...

I want to hold your sleeping baby. He's so precious!

Tara said...

He's beautiful!