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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a day in the life

Hooray! They aren't fighting! Just getting into stuff. Oh.
I am BACK!!!
"he's so snuggley, mom."
suvi followed suit
this makes me laugh!


MindiJo said...

You are baaaack! But you actually weren't really ever gone. From here. So happy about that.
I love your choice of furniture.
I love your snuggly babes.

Julie said...

Your snuggly kids are adorable. How is it being back at work? When I stopped in there the other week, I thought it was an awesome place. Probably someplace I would go if it were closer. :)

elizabeth said...

You're baaaack!

Love the snuggling.

Anonymous said...

sweet! Did they nap like that???


Leanne said...

Cute! And I ADORE the bureau under your TV. Love it.

Thanks for sharing photos of your kiddos!

ethiopifinn said...

Julie, I like working, especially on the hectic days at home. i can go to work, talk to adults, and hopefully help a client look as good as on the outside as she feels on the inside (or better, in some cases!).

Bets, they did NOT nap like that, just a momentary rest to enjoy their baby brother. or brudda, as theo says :)

leanne-the dresser was my grandma's.