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Thursday, July 8, 2010

it is not my fault

it's mindi's fault.

By 10:45 this morning, Theo and I had already eaten 2 chocolate chocolate chip cookies. White flour, white sugar, brown sugar, and a half a cup of butter.

There I was, innocently unwinding with my favorite reading, BLOGS, and Mindi had to go and get all sassified and plant a dirty little idea in my sweet mind just as I was heading to bed.  I laid my pretty little head on my pillow, where it stayed until 4 AM when Judah-baby woke up for a snack.  COOKIES. Flashed in my thoughts.  Back to sleep. Zip ahead to 9:30.  I'm making breakfast for the kids, slaving over the toaster waffles, and it comes back again, only this time, stronger. COOKIES. Somehow, she, that Baking Vixen, after she's all healthy and strong, got the idea planted in Theo's head as well. "Mom, are you making chocolate chip cookies?" "Breakfast, Theo, we are going to eat our breakfast."  Then, Kablam! COOKIES.  What can I say?  She made me do it.


Anonymous said...

How could she do that to you???? You poor thing!

Yesterday I heard the same calling. It kept whispering, "just one more"......until I had eaten 3!!! Actually, a few more than 3, but 3 sounds much nicer.


Joni said...

Funny to picture you slaving over the waffles, your mind at war with itself. I caved into my banana muffins calling last night, had to wait until late since it was so hot outside, I wasn't excited about heating up the oven, but, I did.

Julie said...

Yum! Now I'm wishing I had a spare bag of chocolate chips in my cupboard.

MindiJo said...

I take full responsiblity for that. Cuz that's how I roll.

And I feel completely honored to be featured on your SASSY blog. Just so you know!

Thanks. Hope the cookies were good, I need me some.

elizabeth said...

Mmmmm. Cookies.