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Friday, July 30, 2010

tweetie pie.

yes, i am a tweeter.  these are my messages from the few days after Judah was born (most recent to oldest).  our sweet baby judey-boy.  he weighs over 16 pounds already. sweet little chunky love bug!

Judah has made me a little braver- i'm running to the salon and he's staying with dad.

I think the ankle de-sausage-fication process has begun! Pee is for VICTORY! 3:29 PM May 31st via txt

I *just* moved my chair in time to miss bird poo landing on me. Phew! 1:13 PM May 31st via txt

Judah just tooted on my finger. He is so boy. 7:23 PM May 28th via txt

I believe that emotional pain can manifest physically in the body if it is not released. Please, let it all go. Use your "words"= ur art. <3 6:07 PM May 28th via txt

And my husband is so good to me. Total rockstar. 5:49 PM May 28th via txt

Meanwhile, Judah has already passed his birthweight and is a super pooper! 5:35 PM May 28th via txt

Feeling heavy about how life is changed with this reality of my Mom's health. I guess i have to do some growing up. Eew. 5:33 PM May 28th via txt

The cart attendant at target loaded my groceries in the car because he noticed "the little one". What a gem! 10:47 AM May 28th via txt

My ankles are still really sausagey 8:04 PM May 26th via txt

JUDAH IS GOING HOOOOMMMMME! Amen. Amen! And my Mommy is iMpRoViNg! 11:29 AM May 26th via txt

Pray for my Mom. She is in the hospital with heart attack. 11:42 AM May 25th via txt

Mom! exclaims Theo, I had a stinky tooter on my underwear! 12:02 PM May 24th via txt

thanks for the well wishes, ladies! doing fine, waiting to get back over there to see my new muffin man! 11:43 AM May 24th via web

Wish i had a lap top. I started writing this morning...got a lot down just now. I plan to blog our experience. Judah is under lights 4 bili 5:17 PM May 23rd via txt

Feeling a bit lost. I am discharged, and Judah has to stay. I'm going to hang out with him for the rest of the evening... 3:05 PM May 23rd via txt

Just reached a little crying jag. My brain is fried! Babes is doing well, tho. Day by day! 7:53 AM May 23rd via txt

Its just weird that thursday night i went to bed huge and uncomfortable... Thursday: pregnant. Saturday: mama. Change is good. 7:48 PM May 22nd via txt

Thankful he is getting good care, and anxious to hold him with no wires, tubes, monitors beeping- just me and my baby. Sigh. 2:44 PM May 22nd via txt

Daddio just brought the "big" kids to visit 4 an hr. They were so happy to see n touch baby's tiny feet. Love this crew! 1:46 PM May 22nd via txt

That was a sweet hr of sleep! 11:27 AM May 22nd via txt

I just got to nurse Judah! He's a good little sucker! 7:57 AM May 22nd via txt

Its harder to wake up to my alarm to pump than waking up to baby noises. Cant wait til we have strong lungs in our new little sweetie pie! 5:36 AM May 22nd via txt

Our little guy showed up early. Pray 4 him, that his lungs will be healthy. He's so cute!

I do, of course, still have those two other little people in my care, in my hair.  It has been a tough week for this Mommy.  It will be good when my mornings are a bit perkier again.  Because really, my 2 and 3 year olds are so much happier when they get breakfast before 11 o'clock.  I might exaggerate a little, but not much!  Today they are so much less fighty.  I think it is due to eating their breffy at the table, with Mom, not long after getting up.  Sometimes I miss the cut off time, and there is not much I can do to get them to stop whining and put the food in the body.  Poor kids. But, lets be brutal here folks, poor me. Ha!
they got haircuts this week.  the first time i've done it at home in a while...it went really well.  one of the adjustments we made with judes in the picture.

suvi loves her some baby bruddah.


Anonymous said...

There is no love quite like that of a bossy big sister. Suvi, you are too cute!


elizabeth said...

Hey, I'm a bossy big sister! I shall quote B's comment to my sister. ;-)

My ankles turn into giant sausages in the humidity. The trouble with sausage ankles, I find, is that people don't take you seriously when you complain about them. {Well, maybe these people have never experienced them, or else I suspect they would.}

ethiopifinn said...

B--that is just the thought I was going for when I posted that picture of her. She so loves to be the big sister, but she bosses her big brother, too :)

e--they *don't* take you seriously, do they?! SOME may even make fun of you! meanies ;)