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Thursday, August 5, 2010


I was all fired up to do the august break, but somehow, i have misplaced my camera.  i don't think i have EVER lost a camera before.  it is too dear to me to lose. sigh.
getting a good night's rest would aid in locating said camera, however, i also love you so greatly, i've chosen to read your blog posts and lament over my lack there of...

i was in rogers today with some of those darling childhood friends of mine, and their yummy food.  it was good to laugh with them, and catch up a little bit, and just be in the same room as them.  made me miss my old neighbor.  that is what always happens when i get to see our friends and she isn't there. YOU LIVE TOO FAR AWAY, LADY! kris y was talking about your brother mike. well, michael, to me.  it made me smile to think of him...it has been years since i've seen him, and really, i never got to know him as an adult.  i would probably still feel like the little sister's annoying friend if i chatted with him now. to me, i mean.  everyone (chicago girl, ange, the hostess with the mostess, teeny) looks so beautiful.  i'd have loved to capture a moment to share with you, especially, but I CAN'T FIND THAT CAMERA. sigh.

my kids don't eat when we go visiting. they are just too excited. theo disappears to enjoy the awesomeness of unknown toys, and suvi mostly hangs around where she can see me.  which is a good thing, because when she wanders, she digs.  (i think she opened every door and drawer in the kitchen, including the freezer, and opened the front door as well--she can't manage the doors at home, thankfully) she fell in love with a guitar in rogers, and when it was time to go home sans guitar, she bolted to the bathroom at the back of the house and slammed the door behind her.  i wrestled it away from her freakishly strong hands and carried this little guitar upstairs to the toy room.  she was furious and got back at me by climbing up on the sink and washing her feet with e's fancy hand soap. if it wasn't so funny, i might be mad.  she is a busy one, that is fo' sho.  sure wish i had a photo memory of that shenanigan. sigh.

i'll simply have to paint you a picture, my lovelies, with my magic words. so until i find my photomatographic capture device, i'll redirect my august break.  super extra on the wordage!

{i found it on the steps behind the tissues. hello camera, how do you do?}


Jan said...

I got the visual pictures! funny Suvi. hope the camera shows up, but I like your word pictures just as much!

elizabeth said...

Hello, camera! So glad you found it. But I can see it all from your description. :)

Also, it's fun to hear stories of people I used to see. Ah, memories ..

Julie said...

Glad you found it! I misplaced mine recently and panicked.

It's so wonderful catching up with old friends! And my kids don't eat when we're out either. Rascals.

Anonymous said...

jenny- your words ARE pictures:)


Anonymous said...

Friends are precious, aren't they?! :) Even though time and distance may increase, it doesn't change that preciousness (if that's a word.)

You're the best!

ethiopifinn said...

thanks b.

angeh, YOU are the best ;) and preciousness is so totally a word. wait. oh, yep! i just looked it up. ha!

elizabeth said...

I must confess that whenever I hear the word precious, I think of Gollum in Lord of the Rings. I don't think I'll ever be able to call a baby precious, LOL.

Joni said...

great words - but I would love to see a picture:) hmmm. ugh. I missed out big time. LOVE catching up in person. Hilarious descriptions of the two runts. GLAD you found that camera!
miss you xxoo