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Friday, August 6, 2010


the bathroom smelled wonderful. and, we are now out of shampoo.


MindiJo said...

Oh, those cute stinkers. I love them. Nothin' like a bubble bath!

Anonymous said...

Wow....you won't have to bathe them for the rest of the month!!


ethiopifinn said...

total stinkers.

b--i bet that was their sneaky plan. unfortunately, they got dirty again. i just don't get it! ;)

Julie said...

Lol. That's funny. I'm so glad you snapped a picture! Sometimes, I'm too crabby to at the time.

elizabeth said...

Fun to have a photo of it. (Also, good idea! I've been thinking a bubble bath would be nice but I has no bubbles! Thanks, S & T!)

Sharyn said...

aaaaah hahahhahahahahhahaha! I love this shot!

(my word verification word is, blabion. I like that)