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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

seventeenth/on an tuesday in the middle of the month

leaves and stones

she loves the view finder, she loves to see herself (just like the lady behind her)

blue hat

loading his trucks with driveway

remember i'm having a go at the the august break. here's another august breaker with absolutely lovely photos, lemonlight  I'd forgotten about enjoying the other participants' blogs.  there are so many to choose from.  i've said here sometime ago, that really, there is no original thought.  i take it all back.  the thought inside and inspired by a photo are an endless untiring overflow of possibility.  one could say, "oh look, another photo blog. another mommy blog." oh, the august break has warmed my cynical thoughts!  i love words so very much, i'm happy to give them a bit of a break tho', and enjoy the scene of summer, and the photographs. a few snapshots, like mine, and many intensely artified works. love it. 
 also, a quote today.  from elizabeth gilbert's eat pray love, chapter 13..."I feel about travel the way a happy new mother feels about her impossible, colicky, restless newborn baby--I just don't care what it puts me through.  Because I adore it. Because it's mine. Because it looks exactly like me.  It can barf all over me if it wants to--I just don't care."
My baby isn't impossible, colicky, or restless, but it really does explain how much I love him, and his sister and brother.  They can literally shit all over me, and I only love them more.  Thankfully, they don't do that very often. Because, ya, eew.  Poop is gross.
Anyway, I miss travel almost as much as I love my babies.  Oh how I loved to pack my bag! And photograph my days away and journal!  sometimes elizabeth gilbert freaks me out with this book, because she speaks my language.  At least the first part of the book, Italy, I just felt like...THIS COULD HAVE BEEN ME! THIS IS HOW I TALK! THIS IS HOW I THINK! THIS IS HOW I WRITE!  but the thing that is different in my life (well our lives are truly quite different, but...) to hers is, i am not a seeker.  i know where my home is, and i am happy to live in it (my marriage, my church, i am living my dream come true) with it's imperfections.  maybe i wonder about what i should do when i grow up, and fantasize about change, wish for more in my sibling relationships, but in my heart, i know i am home. i love it here. 
when my friends are in search of the missing link in life, it is difficult for me to relate; meanwhile, i am completely curious and fascinated by the want and the process of the seeking seekers.  listen. i am married to the hottest guy i know, i am a mommy, i get to create with words and hair (and now, my friends, i have a sewing machine: watch out!) and cupcakeland, i feel content in my faith (whether my heart is heavy or empty, i know where my needs are met), i have some lovely dear friends (with few near and more quite far, they are so very good to me). yes, money is tight.  yes, i am fat. yes, my house could be cleaner, or fancier, or bigger. but i don't need for anything. thank God, my life is so very full. 
this is what i wish: i wish my dear friends all to have their version of the story be so fulfilling, and that the seeking might stop.    maybe, for them, the seeking and searching is the dream come true in their edition of Life: The Story of Soul Sisters.  so maybe, yes, my wish is for a peaceful heart. my prayer is for a peaceful heart. eat at the table of contentment, pray for peace, and love--the Lord, the neighbors, the lady in the mirror.  ooh.  i think that is the hard part.  i wish that part for me too.


Leanne said...

Suvi looks so old in that photo! I'm glad you took a moment to capture all that happiness.

Brita said...

I hear you. And thank you so much for the comment you made on my Charlie at the beach post. You made my day with that comment.

Anonymous said...

how fun to read a longer blog post from you! sad, angry or happy, i get so much from your words....my beautiful , gifted friend.
~ann b.

MarcsMess said...

your post made me think. I wonder if i would've chosen my life if "I was in charge"........I always come back to how thankful I am to have had the Good. The Bad. And all the blessings.

What if, say, 20 years ago you could have looked into the future? Would'nt you (and I) have been looking forward with great anticipation?

Wow. Was that ever a brainful this morning.


Mary R. said...

Great inspiration!!! You have very beautiful children, but then look where they came from.

ethiopifinn said...

@ leanne, i know. she lost that baby look now. she's getting skinny.
@brita, :)
@ann xoxo
@marcsmess: today, my answer would be no. today, i am losing my marbles. heh heh.
@mary--aww, shucks!

Julie said...

"but i don't need for anything. thank God, my life is so very full."

Amen, Sister. Very well said. Love the simplicity in the photos and I love your view on life. :)

elizabeth said...

pondering .. i think i spent a lot of time seeking .. though as it turns out, i had lost myself, and was trying to find me. and since i didn't realize what was going on, i assumed i was looking for something "outside".

i loved eat, pray, love too. i am going to see it on saturday with karen - can't wait. :)

Anonymous said...

Your wisdom is better than cake, today...Judah looks like his Dad here!

ethiopifinn said...

julie! then yesterday was like a total meltdown day. oh well. big picture, hey?!
elizabeth--it is so hard to see what is right under our nose most of the time. i am right there with you. and i am looking forward to the movie...but i still haven't finished the book. maybe one more week!
anonymo- but cake is really, really good ;)

Jan said...

I am not sure why, but I didn't really like Eat, pray, love. I couldn't even finish it. I think I felt like the writer was too self centered or something. or maybe I am just not into travel at this point in my life. Huh.

I like your post though.

ethiopifinn said...

jan, i've heard other people say that, too. i can see that if it isn't the way you process, it would seem egocentric.

elizabeth said...

The movie was good. I always like Julia Roberts, and the guy (cannot remember his name) was dreamy. :)