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Saturday, September 25, 2010

off to a good start

every day, after our waking up rituals, i feel good. like we are off to a good start.  but at night, especially on the days that i work,  my brain turns off.  i cannot stand to chase my kids back to bed.  so sometimes i just turn off my ears and pretend they are sleeping, instead of standing here next to the computer, or climbing on me...
it is like my brain can no longer process the mothering duties.
i worked extra long today, and i am a bit pooped after having play time with my friend.  holy cats. it takes me a long time to recover.  last week i had 3 nights in a row staying up after midnight. and then i sort of got used to that bedtime, and it was hard to fall asleep. especially with all the caffeine i had to partake in to wake up my afternoons.  it was great to bond and be me, and just as soon as i catch up on this sleep, i'll help with the bedtime rituals for the monkeyshines. 
seriously.  suvi just came out again.  "i'm so hungry, daddy." i'm peeling a cheese stick for her. between thoughts.
dang. the daddy is going to bed.  i gotta turn my brain back on...
i yelled at them on my blog so i won't do it in real life. okay, then. GOOD night.


elizabeth said...

I wanna learn how to turn off my ears. I could use it in the cars when the pup decides to use his outdoor voice. Hee. (We have a deal. He is allowed to bark in the car, as long as his head stays behind the front seats. He never barks, so I figure he needs time to get it out. But sometimes I wonder if I'll go deaf someday.)

Joni said...

I've totally learned to turn off my ears. It serves me well, often. And I love the raising your voice in your blog - I heard you! I enjoy the pictures off to the right, too. Get some rest!