LOVE has come for you.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

realization reassurance reunion

i LOVE what happens when i get to spend face to face time with these people.

beautiful ladies. cousins. sisters. friends.

and life is changing us, tears-fears-loss-LOVE.  sewing our hearts closer and stronger, making it safer to just be, and together we laugh (show them to me-ack!) and sigh and cry and find comfort and safety, so we are better because of each other. and we learn about how great life is when it is so stinkin' full of love.  even when we are faced with unbelievable challenges and loss and complications, we see strength in our friends. 

I laughed so much yesterday!  And all three of those girls said things that absolutely surprised me.  It is so fun that there is still more to learn. Thank you to My Best! Girls.  Even the ones who weren't in Duluth on Friday.

(i stole this one from deanna)


Anonymous said...


I forgot my camera so I totally need those pics.

I feel so blessed in my old age to have SoulSisters. Thank you girls.


Joni said...

ah, love. the fiber of life. I'm glad you were filled up this weekend! xoxo

elizabeth said...

I can feel the love from here. So glad your life is full of it.

You are all beautiful.

I love Deanna's hair. Dang. Maybe I do want to keep short hair.

ethiopifinn said...

elizabeth--short hair is fun and...it will grow later! ;)

Leanne said...

Nothing compares to the love of true friends. You deserved a great weekend!

elizabeth said...

I know! But it's at the annoying stage of growing out right now .. do I really want to start over? Eeeek.

I did love it. Easiest hair I've ever had. The trouble is that I am not good about upkeep .. and I would need to be much more diligent than I am. (Like, sooner than 4-6 months .. ;)

ethiopifinn said...

e-4-6 months! oh my! so every cut is a make over ;)