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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

too much tuesday

today my children are delighting me. they each woke up once in the night, conveniently spaced out by about 1 hr 45 minutes; i am tired, of course, but surprisingly not too crabalicious. yet.
but every morning, theo wakes me up first.
 "mommy, where's dad?"
 mphf. oh. theo is awake. open your eyes jenny. where *is* dad? oh yeah. it is tuesday. "he is at work theo."
 "why, mommy? why is daddy at work?"
 open eyes again. kick off the covers. c'mon girl. wake up. "today is tuesday, theo. tuesday is a work day. climb in."
"get my milk, mommy, and make it warm. mommy? mommy? can you get my milk and make it warm? milk. WARM. mommy."
"it is TOO early theo. go back to sleep."
"i'm not tired, mommy. milk. warm. mommy, can you get my milk now and make it warm?"
why does this kid wake up so early?  where is the boy who used to sleep til 8:30 or 9? oh, yeah. that was the boy who went to bed at 10:30.  this boy goes to bed at 8:30. wake up. get him some milk, it will buy you some time.{I just realized Theo is my human snooze button}So, I get up, get him the milk, and climb back into bed. My warm, cozy bed.
"thanks mommy."
"mommy, judah is awake. 
mommy, you gotta get judah and FEED him. mom, judah is awaaaaake."
and that's it. that is my half hour wake-up ritual.  i get judey up out of his little bed, he is smiley and cooing and trying to remember how to get that thumb back in his mouth.  i change him and feed him, he is a happy, happy boy. 
suvi wanders out to the living room with her blankey by 8:30, and sits with me on the couch.  i like our leisurely wake-up ritual.  i think about the school kids who have to do so much waking-up and getting ready before we are really even out of bed. i want to stretch these mornings out.
today, theo, in the middle of his regular alarm clock duties, asked if i thought we could... "go to mcdonald's and get the thomas and the misty island rescue movie again. the one daddy brought back yesterday before he went to school. canwemommy? can weeeeeee?"
"we have it."
"daddy brought the movie back to redbox, but it was broken, so he couldn't return it. he brought it back home."
delight and laughter and clapping and a new clever little song about how happy he is that the redbox was broken and he can watch the movie again!
this kid LOVES thomas the tank engine.

I brought Judah back to my room to change his diaper, with Suvi bouncing along to help.  As I walked through the door, and saw the unmade bed...i just wanted to climb in and pull the covers up.  It is quiet and the light is soft...oh how I would like to nap.  Judah fussed a bit even after he was changed.  Suvi suggested that he may be hungry.  Pulling at the front of my night gown, she asked
"Are you have more milk in you nip nops, Mama?"
Then she squeezes Judah, telling him "you're my best, judah. that's okay baby brudda. i love you! you're my best!"
My bed is my best.  So sweet so cozy. So sleepy....
The magic wears off around 10:30.  Sweet dreams!
(theo says 'sleep' dreams. ha!)


Julie said...

Cute post! I snickered at Theo's comments during your morning ritual. So sweet. The room is such a pretty blue color!

Joni said...

Thanks for sharing the ways of your mornings:) I LOVE details! All the cute little words - they paint the picture.

Anonymous said...



ethiopifinn said...

B-is that the official OK????

Anonymous said...

It is offical!! I SAID so!!I will see you then Nip Nops! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

nip nops rocks

elizabeth said...

I love all the details. Such sweetness in your mornings.