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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

seconds, please.

i would love another cup of this coffee, if it isn't any trouble.
some kids stacked these rocks at lake alice.  they were a sweet family of 6- ma and dad on the bench, two teenagers, two littler brothers searching for stones.
people *do* use payphones. huh.  i was probably the last of my pals to get a cel phone.  until then, i knew where all the best pay phones were throughout my portion of the city.

We went out for groceries earlier today, and Theo was trying to get in his last few seconds of playing before making the errands run.  I was trying to hustle him up, "Bye, Theo." His response made me laugh, and reminded me just how smart and sensitive and sponge-like he is: "Bye? Bye? Did you say 'bye', Mommy?" Me: "Yep. Lets go now." T: "Don't say 'Bye' Mommy.  That's sassy."

It was sassy.  This kid makes me chuckle all day long.  With all the back-to-school talk, I am starting to get anxious for Theo's first day.  We only have 728 days til he starts kindergarten.  I'm not trying to be sassy.  I was actually finding myself with leaking eyes and a lump in my throat thinking of the day he leaves me for the wild world.  And Judah is just changing so much day to day...gulp.  Suvi won't be allowed leaving.  Thank you very much.  I hope she'll take me to the fair when I am 76, she'll be in her 40's...I hope she lets me eat the cheese curds.  Salty, piping hot cheese curds.


Brita said...

Oh, how I love your posts.

elizabeth said...

I've never had piping hot cheese curds. Cold cheese curds, yes. I usually buy the largest bag I can find at the Tillamook Cheese Factory (because yes, $4.54 holds more cheese curds than $4.36) and they are about gone by the time I'm home. Anyway, cold cheese curds are so good that I cannot imagine the goodness of hot cheese curds.

Oh, look. There is drool on my keyboard. I guess I can't tease Atlas.

Anonymous said...

I love the countdown to Theo's school, the lump in your throat and tears in your eyes will ease as time goes by. He sounds like he has his mama's sassiness.
just think.....only 10 days till we get to drink coffee,eat good food and visit for as many hours as we can squeeze in! I can't wait to meet little Judah (and see you and Dee.) XOXO Nancy

Joni said...

LOVE the photos, especially the rocks and the background behind the picture. I didn't know there were any payphones still standing. You are hilarious w/your countdown.

ethiopifinn said...

thanks, brita.
elizabeth, they are battered and deep friend. all the benefits should probably be outweighed by the frying, but they are so yummy!
Nancy! are we meeting at the 'usual' place? OH! I am so fired up to see youse!!!!!
joni--it is a really great state park, maybe my fave in MN. i loved that those kids (not pictured) were all working on their sculpture together. the oldest was maybe 15 or 16 and the littlest boy was 4. so zen of them

ethiopifinn said...

oops! lol! deep FRIED

Leanne said...

Oh, that countdown. As you're well aware, mine hit zero this week. The last link on a hanging-with-mom paper chain. All turned in for something new, and fun, and exciting, and appropriate. I'm not sure how my heart will survive all the milestones. I'm still sad and it's Day 3. He's not though, and that's more important.

Piping hot cheese curds. That would help, actually.