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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

look what the wind blew...out

 I know many people experience it after having a baby, but this is my first time.  Turns out I feel much less casual about it when it is happening to me...my hair is falling out like autumn leaves.

it is almost easier to see in this blurry photo that Suvi took for me.  along both sides and at the nape my hair is so very thin.  I've never even seen it like this on my clients.  Usually it's more like breakage.  In my thin spots it feel like baby hair, or peach fuzz.
Suvi took this one too.  I'm surprised how affected I am by my hair loss. 

And yes, it did take me 10 days to come up with this (she smirks). Actually, my mixed emotions and hitches and critical thinking (not the creative kind) all came to a head the other night and I had myself some tears. And spoke some words. Received some hugs and reassuring words. It is good for me to be married and living life with the guy that I am married and living life with.  His instinct and comfort level is to give a person space if he sees them feeling blue.  My instinct is to try not to ask for help.  This pairing is so Minnesotan.  But when I can whisper the faintest "I'm sad" I am absolutely met with clear, true...assurance. Friendship. Love.

In case anyone is lonesome for my baby, here he is!
Sweet love of loves!!


Anonymous said...

It looks like DH is suffering from the same malady! tee-hee.

Seriously, get your thyroid checked. You may have post-partem thyroid disorder.

I missed your blogging updates, and planned to take a break from studying yesterday to call you. But before I knew it the bus emptied it's contents at my doorstep and my day was over. I will call soon.



Jan said...

AAAkkk, pregnancy throws our bodies for such loops, doesn't it!
When Sadie was born, I found my first grey hair, and it was a crisis. (Now I have lots more, not such crisis)
I have lost hair, but not to such a degree. Like B. says, check with your dr. A thyroid test is easy.

Got any cute hats?

MindiJo said...

The after effects (on our bodies) of having babies is the pits.

But I love how much you love your hubby. And your babes. Your blog screams it.

ethiopifinn said...

Yes, Bets, I am sure we--he and I--have the same diagnosis. ACK!! ;)
i don't know how judey gets cuter, but it happens every day!

jan--i *JUST* got a cute new hat. i don't think it was coincidental, although it was purchased before I realized the extent of my "situation". heh. good idea!

mindi--fo' sho'. and thank you.

Julie said...

SO Minnesotan. Can I give an amen to that?! Lol!

Ugh. Changes. I grieved body changes after Gregory was born. And I'm sure because your career is hair, it's all the harder! (My career isn't boobs, but that was difficult, too.) ;) Hang in there. And get that test that people are talking about.

You can post pictures of that sweet babe anytime! He's so adorable.

Joni said...

Ack! (I like that one). I have been trying to get on the phone as well...and, unfortunately my instinct is space as well. Will I never learn? I'm so glad your help in life is right there with you (and you must know I'm over here, thinking of you always). I'm also glad your starting point was an abundance of thickness!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

So many changes on our bodies... I hope you find a solution -- and a few cute hats in the process to lift your spirits.

That little guy is so cute! And, so is the snowsuit.

~ Jennifer

elizabeth said...

I had no idea that happened to women after pregnancy. I am trying to decide which would catch me more off-guard - that or grey. I suspect hair loss would be harder.

I've been wondering if that tendency to not ask for help is Finnish. (I don't know much about them but I imagine them to be stoic people.)

That being said, there is nothing quite like a cute hat.

Tara said...

Gorgeous baby. I want to eat him :-) I mourn my post baby body changes almost daily, and my mid-30s facial lines that crop up every day, usually more noticeable to me in pictures. The hair will eventually stop coming out and will thicken back up. Mine did.

Julie L. said...

Ohhh-- I am loosing a ton of hair right now. My hands get left with crazy amounts after I'm done washing. I always do about 4 months after my babies are born. The crazy thing is... when I pregnant I loose none and my leg hairs don't grow but after it all falls out at once and I have to start shaving my legs again.

Your babies are completely cute.

Tara- the camera always picks up and magnifies more lines, wrinkles and blemishes than your naked eye do...