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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

tuesdee. picture-dee.

I made this apple pie for Thanksgiving dessert...it is so yummy.  but there were 2 other apple pies...people always bring more than they said they were going to bring. except me. i bring what i said i'd bring, folks. ;)
The grandkids, one great-granddaughter and two grandson-in-laws that were present for our Thanksgiving gathering out at Mari and Tim's.
Jon (married to Katie Lynn), Judah, Ruthie, Kevin, Katie Lynn, Phoenix, Suvi, Jeannine, Hannah (front), Anna, Myra (the 'great'), Theo, Carl, and Alex (married to Jeannine)
Sharing some cheesecake.

i love the airport. especially when i am not flying!!!

I just love this show on tpt...last of the summer wine.  it makes me laugh.  i discovered it when theo was a baby...i'd sit with him on the couch and giggle as i fed him.  i'd like to watch it every day, but i just can't hear the tube with the kids underfoot.  i honestly believe if there is a show i want to see, they are purposely noisey! lol.  i had to grab a photo of this part of the show because it reminded me of my first saturday night in Alnwick.  we went out to the pasture and sat on top of the hay rounds and talked and looked at the stars. it were lovely.



elizabeth said...

I'd like a piece of apple pie, please. :)

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

(It does look fun to sit on top of hay rounds. I think I'd like to add that to my to-do list.)

Jan said...

I am assuming those are hubby's sisters? they are both beautiful!

ethiopifinn said...

e- it is worth adding to the list!

j- correct. the one with braids is the new one;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sister-in-laws. Beautiful family.
Bountiful food.
Oi! I will stop now.