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Friday, November 26, 2010


What a difference a week makes.  I am feeling markedly better, my husband says I seem calmer (I feel calmer), and I've had loads of snuggle time with the kids. Sigh.  I realized last night that I haven't cried in a week. What? I didn't even realize how often tears would come...not even tears of sadness, but just that all my emotions were so pressured, anything could start the waterworks.  My kids often asked me, "Is that a 'happy cry', Mom?"  Usually the answer was "Yes." But I didn't tell them when it was a 'guilty' or 'overwhelmed' cry.  I didn't even realize that is what they were.  Hindsight is 20/20.

I was a bit nervous about being with the big crowd of family for Thanksgiving dinner.  I was up with Judah in the night, and after putting him back to sleep, my mind started reeling.  I breathed through it and did go back to sleep, but the car ride out to Montrose was quiet as I was trying to quiet myself inside.  There were a few minutes (like maybe 45) of adjustment and discomfort on my part upon arrival, but then I realized it would be safe to relax and let my guard down.  It was an enjoyable day, good food, great pies, and lots of running for the babes with their cousins.  The camera was forgotten, though.  I hope it weathered through the night alright out there in the country.  It is quiet at night, and the man of the house keeps the temperature just above freezing.  Poor little camera!

The sun is shining, it is so bright outside with the fresh dusting of snow from Wednesday night.  Winter is here!  We are going to welcome a special someone arriving from over-seas today. Hooray!  She is waiting for a connecting flight on the East Coast.  I am very anxious for her safe arrival...make that excited.  ;)

Enjoy the weekend!  Thanks again for all the encouragement and support.  So happy that change is in the wind for me, and I seem to have started to round a corner.  I'm thankful for this outlet!


Joni said...

I wanted to call and see how your day was looking, but didn't, obviously...but my thoughts were with you! I'm glad you had a good time, and that things are going forward for you:)

Jan said...


(my word ver. was sheat. : ))

elizabeth said...

So glad that things are shifting for you!

You're reminding me that keeping my camera + batteries in my spare room, in which I never turn on the heat, might not be one of my best ever plans. ;)

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy your overseas company. (from Eth?)

Happy Thanksgiving. Family parties are a mix between fun and anxiety-filled. I am glad you were able to relax.

Love you. B

Julie said...

Glad things are looking brighter! I hope the good days will far outweigh the hard ones soon.

(Oh, dear. I just remembered that I forgot my camera in the van. Brr. It probably has hypothermia.)

And enjoy your company. How exciting!!

MindiJo said...