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Friday, December 10, 2010

derr, yeah.

Today may be the first day that I scratched my first draft all together.  Just highlight and delete.  It was putting me to sleep.  And I am in love with my own words, people.  Seriously.  When I write something super emotional or inspired, I go back to it and read it over and over again.  I suppose some people might look at their beautiful photographs fondly, I look at my words ADORINGLY.

I haven't seen as much of my Mama this week as usual, so I invited her for lunch today.  We had soup and bread and tea and a super yummy banana cupcake.  Habtamu has been home this week...enjoying time off before starting a new position next Monday.  It has been nice to have him here, but I keep wondering what day it is.  During the week, for the last 4 years, he has left for work before I wake up.  Yesterday and today he got up with the kids, I went back to bed.  AWESOME.  I feel so super relaxed, words are sparse!

I did have some great fun on Wednesday night.  I picked up my sil and we spent 41/2 hours at the salon working on her hair.  I did a smoothing conditioning treatment...it is basically like a super conditioning perm.  It doesn't take all the curl out of the hair (well, not hair that is as curly as hers), it just makes it shinier and easier to manage.  Afterward I straightened it with my flat iron.  Makes for fun before and after photos.  She has amazingly thick, healthy, extra-curly hair.  It is beautiful.  When she took her ponytail down, it looked like this wonderful dark lion's mane.  The service was my gift to her.  Hope she likes it as much as I do!!!


Joni said...

wow - that's some fabulous hair. good job jenny:) I'm so glad you are being taken care of.
Miss you.

MindiJo said...

Wow! Her hair looks fabulous.

And your week sounds dream. I'm actually a little bit jealous. My week was basically the opposite of that.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the words......I read them to my groaning sisters!

Your sil has gorgeous hair! Funny when you are blond you want dark.....etc.


elizabeth said...


She has beautiful hair.

Ok. I will confess that I am awfully fond of some of the things I have written and like to re-read them. I might even read them to Atlas. He usually lies down and closes his eyes, but I like to imagine that he is closing them so he can properly listen - or that he's closing them with bliss.

Jan said...

I wish I could come and let you work magic with my hair. That would be so fun.
Sometimes I really like my words too. And then I don't get any comments, and I am like, bummed.

ethiopifinn said...

Jan, funny how the comments get to mean enough that the absence has an affect.
E, I am usre that he's closing them with bliss.
B, they are just jealous.
Mindi, shoot. Hope this week is sweeter. It will be, what with those cookies you made. Love the snowmen.
J, XO!

Julie said...

I want her lion's mane hair. Can you do that for me? And the same color, too. ;)

I sincerely adore your writing so much. It'd be a shame if you didn't enjoy your own posts- they're awesome!