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Monday, December 6, 2010

outside my window

We share a driveway with the house to the South of us.  It is currently bank owned. Boo.  Today some young fellers are over there cleaning out whatever is left...not too much, actually.  But I keep seeing action out of the corner of my eye, so I had to get up from my post to take a looksee.  Lots of junk, and not the fun kind (it's moldy from the pipes bursting last winter, peeps left in September and the heat wasn't on. bummer. it was an otherwise pristine house), lined up along the drive way.  A dumpster is supposed to be arriving...hope so!   The pile has about doubled in size since I took the photo.  The second half is mostly paper garbage, empty boxes and wrapping paper, and I saw a couple huge bags of plastic bags.  Seriously. Throw it out, guys, it is time!

On this side of the window, it is pretty quiet.  My husband took the big kids to the mall to meet their aunties.  He is off this week before he starts a new position. (Halleluja!) For being home, and especially for the new job.  And this morning he got another offer, too!  Prayer totally rocks. PTL!  The train did wake the baby, but I am hoping he'll fall back asleep.  He was up many times in the night, and his morning nap wasn't very long.  Widdo cutie wootie baby Judah! 
I've been feeling pretty calm, but the last 2 days H has been telling me, "You need to rest."  I'm not sure if that means I've been a little crabby, or if he really thinks I am tired.  Well, I AM tired, but I am now constantly assessing myself.  Is this a normal thing? Or "part of my condition."  I hate the word.  Stupid depression. 
Oooooh.  So you think you got me pinned down there Tough Guy? You think you're gonna steal my sunshine?  Well, think again Mr Anxiety Edward Depression.  I am going to win, here, so you can just BEAT IT. (As I brush off my hands three times and stomp my foot.) RAH.  Shoooot.  Don't even TRY to mess with me again.  I AIN'T having it. Hmph!
Well, Judah is still making noises in the bedroom, so I'll just sign off for now! 
Take good care of you.  If you think you are suffering from depression, please get help today.  It isn't character-building, it is life robbing.  Call your doctor, call a friend.  Call me.  Or you can email me at ethiopifinn {@} gmail {dot} com.
The "little brother" weighs over 25 pounds.


Joni said...

I'm so happy for the new job, him being home and for your whipping the other's butt. And for that big little brother. YES!

Leanne said...

Unlike that pile of junk, you are beautiful. I'm so happy for the new job! squeee! I hope everything works out for the best. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

How do you DO that??? (say the words that I feel in my heart?)

I laughed out loud when I read this. You are FUNny.


PS. I am glad Hub got a new job. Permanent?

MindiJo said...

Wha?! TWENTYFIVE POUNDS? oooh. I could squish him. I love chubby babies. My baby who is almost one weighs almost 18 lbs.

Doing my happy dance for you! A new job for your rockstar hubby! Wahooooo! Life is good. PTL.

And you basically rock. But that junk pile does not.

Jan said...

Over time I realize that I have had to become friends with Ms. Depression. Well, not exactly friends, but we have a working relationship. I have to listen to her, and take her needs into account (extra self care) otherwise it all goes south. Then she isn't so scary. I guess that's my way of dealing with it- interesting to think about it in such terms :)

Emily said...

So happy to hear the job news!! Way to go hubby! And what a nice time of year to feel more secure. Sending lots of love and sunshine your way. And I could nibble on that big baby of yours. You must have arms of steel!

ethiopifinn said...

Jan, I like the thought about a working relationship. As long as I am the boss in the relationship, I am happy to accomodate my staff. Heh.
joni, i owe you a phone call!
leanne, thanks ;)
b, hey soul sister!
Mindi, my baby could bench press your baby.
Emily...my arms might be getting stronger, but I plan my moves so i don't have to haul him around the whole house.

Anonymous said...

Good News on the JOB.
and YES throw it away!!
and my BIG baby weighs 18 lbs, I thought she was solid.
love and miss you, Nan

Leanne said...

"My baby could bench press your baby." LOL

Julie said...

That's awesome that your husband will be starting a new job- good luck to him. Mr "Edward"- love that you threw that in there. It sounds so... distinguished. :D You tell him off! And don't try and 'do it all' this holiday season- your hubster's right, you need rest. A friend was told that lack of sleep is HUGE in contributing to PPD. Hard to get sleep with kids, though. Even one's as cute as little brother there. Darn train. :)