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Saturday, December 4, 2010

oh I nearly forgot!

  1. reading novels
  2. taking, reviewing, editing, organizing, sharing photos
  3. writing letters and making cards
  4. watching movies
  5. going out for coffee with friends
  6. dating Habtamu
  7. listening to music
  8. writing and reading poetry
All those things, I was supposed to put them on my to-do list, like, 3 years ago. No wonder!  I knew something was missing.

I started working on number one: I am on chapter 11 of The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  So far I love it.  Just read it.  My mom is in a book club with her sister and some other women, I get a condensed version of every book she reads, but this is one I wanted to read myself. 
Theo threw a box of photos down the stairs yesterday.  Maybe that was a sign that they are ready to be sorted and displayed!
I didn't write a letter, but yesterday I mailed a package to someone in South Korea.  That was fun.
We watched Evan Almighty on the couch, all of us, tonight. Some parts put Theo into serious fits of laughter. Magic.  Before I watched it, I was skeptical...I don't like to mock my Creator.  But it doesn't, it has a nice message.
On my way home from work I started listening to Speak Now.  I had to see what everyone is talking about.

That means I can cross 1,3,4, and 7 off my list for this week.  But tomorrow is Sunday so they go right back on the list in about an hour and a half.
It's a lot of work being a whole sister.  :)


Jan said...

I read The Help a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.
Way to go, tackling your list.

ethiopifinn said...

I got a really awesome reminder in the mail this week.

Emily said...

I love your list. I just read The Help - liked it so much I bought it for gifts this year.

Julie said...

Awesome list. #6 made me smile- dating one's husband is important! :)

I loved The Help. It's really good, isn't it?