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Saturday, January 8, 2011

tall tales

i have such a great place to work

and my first ever loaves of cardamom bread


mella said...

Amen! I miss that place.
And you.

Onneksi olkoon! hyvä!
Your bread looks yummy :)

elizabeth said...

Hey, hey! I love it!

How do people's loaves look so braid-y? I braided mine, but every time, the braids grew together while rising/baking so it looked like normal bread when it was done.

Wait. I am looking at your bread. Did you actually braid it (like you'd braid hair)? Or is it actually two braids. Ok, I am definitely going to make nisu again this month. Just as soon as I buy more flour. I am determined to figure this out.

ethiopifinn said...

yes, i braided it like hair. i used the recipe from beatrice ojakanas. on braiding, her instructions are to raise (once braided, the last time before going in the oven)til puffy, rather than double in size.

i can:t wait to make it again. i will make bread today. i 'knead' to.