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Saturday, January 8, 2011

summations and goals are for geeks.

are you checking off all that you accomplished and experienced in 2010? are you mapping out your plan of attack on 2011?  have you resolved to be the change you wish to see?


Lets just go back to the easy breezy-ness of childhood when the seven days between Christmas and New Year's Eve was a hugely substantial chunk of time.  And you didn't plan out every moment for that week.  No, it was like waking up every day was magical, and remembering the newest treasure from your family or Santa lit your fire for the day.  And the box of sugar cereal I got in my stocking lasted forEVER!  Never mind that week, each day was a wide open opportunity, a large expanse of time, for enjoyment. 

Time just goes on along here in adulthood at quite a clip.  And I've been missing my blog.  And missing my outlet!  We've had more homeowner challenges...got the electrician coming at 8AM on Monday.  Hope we get our lights back.   When I talked to the owner of the company on Wednesday, I told him we'd had some work done last spring, and that Dave told me he'd done a temporary fix.  We need that 'CGI' outlet in the bathroom.  "You mean, 'GFI'?" OH! YEAH! Hahaha! ....  He didn't laugh. Well.  I do hair. Not electricology.  And stuff, so...my little brain has been busy.  And then I made that bread down below.  That took a good part of Friday...:) 

I turn the computer on with a plan to sit down and chill when the baby naps.  But then I figure I do just this one more thing, it'll only take 20 minutes.  I 20 minutes myself back to back and right out of the blog time.  Dang!  There is just plenty other things to do, it seems.  I've even been too preoccupied with my busy work to review with much thought the last year.  It was a greatly challenging year for me.  I'm not sure what I'd like to work on during this year, 2011.  (My first year of college started the fall of '93, which was also the start of Conan O'Brien's first show.  He had a bit, 'In The Year 2000', which seemed like an eternity away, I wasn't even sure that I'd live that long.  You know, to 25.  I simply couldn't imagine the change of century.  Anyhoo...)  Perhaps I'll work on sticking to my point.

I do actually like summations and goals.  And geeks.  I was just being defensive because I haven't gotten around to it yet. 

Judah's birth and Mom's heart attack were so hugely emotional for me; it is difficult to even remember the first 4 1/2 months of 2010.  Plenty of bright spots in the time following those events, despite my perceived fragility/road back to stability.  I'm thankful to be here, having survived.  Feeling the tug on my heart for the friends who are working with a new normal, those who lost a Mom or Dad. Some who've now lost both.  Love to you, as you learn the parameters of your new perspective.  Love to my dearest of girlfriends scattered from sea to shining sea.  Thankful to be trudging along on the narrow path, with your fellowship and Grace.  Thank you to those who shared supportive words and sentiments via this blog, facebook, texts and phone calls while I confronted my depression.  I am feeling much better, and wondering how much further I have to go before I get comfy again.  There are lots more moments of comfy these days. Phew.  For your friendship, concern, humor, curiosity, nosiness, opinions, wisdom, experience, creativity, sensitivity, generosity, and inspiration...I am humbled and grateful.

So geek me up!  What is the plan for Twenty Eleven?


Jan said...

Well, I was hoping to do more art, but I am having a hard time getting back into it after putting away during Christmas. Plus, now I am planning SLW.
However, I came up with hiking the S.T. virtually on my treadmill. And now I want to do the Go Commando! race with Ann. So there's some plans! Not sure what else the year will hold for me/us. Hope amongthesehills can get together with ethiopifinn sometime this year IRL. : )

MindiJo said...

I am one of those people who loves to do the resolution thing. And I give it an honest go. I put my resolutions on my blog, but I always come up with more and have a few personal ones that I don't necessarily share: like exactly what I think I need to do to be a better wife/mom/sister/friend/etc. I don't have to broadcast ALL of my faults... Anywho.
I LoVe this post. You started it out so beautifully- I was sucked into it in seconds. And. I hope you froze a loaf of that bread to share with me when I come... ;)

Oooh. You did have a rough year, didn't you? I was so absorbed in mine, I sort of forgot to look around and remember that.

Jan said...

Oh, I thought of another goal for the year: to quit using swear words. I can be a potty mouth sometimes, so this year I am going to try flush it clean. I have a big vocabulary of other words I can use instead, anyways.

ethiopifinn said...

Jan!! I can't believe you have a potty mouth, too. That cracks me right up. It was fun to see your family last night and today. Wish you were here with them. Because one thing i will do is make sure ethiopifinn gets face time with amongthesehills.

And i am also looking forward to facetime with theshoefits. and i am so going to make it fresh for you, the bread, i mean!!

and, who *hasn't* had a year to remember for not the best reasons. just adds more detail to the fabric. :)

Jan said...

So did Ron tell you he left me at home? Not in a nice way, I mean, I was all set to go, and he got p.o.ed and left me. Turd.

Julie said...

Hee. I liked "In the Year 2000". Especially when he kept on doing it after the year 2000. :D I was just thinking the other day that it seems so space-agey. Two thousand! This world's gettin' old.

You did have quite the year. I think about you often still- hoping that your current journey is going well and that you're healing more and suffering less. You inspire me. Much love to you!

ethiopifinn said...

Jan. He did NOT tell me. Actually, I only said 'hi'. Clearly it was my intuition giving him the "You are a TURD" brush off.

Jan said...

LOL- thanks Jenny, seriously, that made my day.

Susie said...

Hoping to declutter-- always a goal never achieved :)