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Friday, February 11, 2011

bwahaha! Fondant experiments are funny.

At least the kids are still excited about the cake.
Suvi said, "It's sooo beautiful!"

Ta DAH!!!!

It is making me laugh.  I'm glad I started practicing.  Guess I'll be doing a LOT more practice.

    My little cake is crooked and lumpy and bumpy! Frosting is so much more forgiving. I figure getting the next cake more square won't be too hard for me.  This cake was frozen, but it thawed out as I was working with it.  I should have cut a bit off the top to level it out.   But I will practice the fondant more.  It stretched out as I was picking it up, so I've got to watch a couple more you tube videos and study the technique.  Fun, though. Next time I'll try do it after the kids go to bed or maybe when Habtamu is home to run interference.  Too many interruptions :)  Very fun to be trying something new.  My bread is ugly today, too. (it is yummy tho!) Might just be Ugly Friday.  Who knows?!

I let the kids play with the left over fondant.  It's just like play dough, but sweet!


mella said...

personally, I love the stretched out hearts and the imperfect square of it all...
bravo adventurous mama!

Anonymous said...

I'd say the same. I am not familiar with the whole fondant term/cake. It looks interesting. Good job! Glad you are having fun:)

ethiopifinn said...

Joni, it's like a dough made with powdered sugar instead of flour. I used to watch these cake making shows when we had cable--loved them. like theme cakes shaped and stacked and moulded. I have a whole new appreciation for those bakers now, tho!

mel, whose heart isn't stretched out from time to time, hey? ;)

elizabeth said...

It looks like a fun thing to experiment with! You got me curious about it now, though I don't think I'll be actually trying it myself. :)

Julie said...

Cute! Fondant has always intimidated me- I've never made it yet. Now I might have to! Love the hearts.