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Thursday, February 10, 2011

pc/bglff: pepto colored/bubblegumlooking First Fondant!

Yesterday I was looking at cakes on flikr and there are some super duper talented folks out there.  I decided to try a fondant.  Suvi has requested a pink cow cake for her birthday in March.  She'll be three, and she certainly knows her mind!  She and Theo and I were hanging out here in front of the computer looking for ideas and inspiration.  I've never been much of a sculptor, so I'm going to practice a few times before the "big day."  It is really easy to make. This is the recipe I used for our first go.  It calls for clear vanilla extract, which I have never even heard of. I used my regular brown fake vanilla.  I'll post my cake results, good or not so much tomorrow.

suvi has a white board with dry erase markers. this is NOT her board, as you may have noticed. ;)

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Anonymous said...

I like to see a creative mom! It would help me out immensely to have a three year old who knows her own mind, as I'm sure the cake I came up with would be pretty boring.