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Saturday, February 26, 2011

more on thrice

thank you for the kind words and encouragement, and for getting lost, too.  really, i wasn't feeling down, or cross, or blue, just realizing a thing or two.  i'm not giving up blogging, or even thinking about it; with the knowledge of folks talking and opinionizing (good and not quite), it occurred to me that it'd kind of stink to be famous.  that even if, like me, those yays and nays wouldn't keep me from my super important job which made me famous in the first place, they are still in my mind. 

i'd always thought it would be good to know what people are saying about me, and now i say, not so much!  even the positive things are in my brain... it is just strange to think that there's any conversating on the topic of jennifer ethiopi finn. that's all.  i wasn't even all undie-bundle-ized. just ruminating.  i contemplated not clarifying "thrice", but myself found mine fingers here at the keyboard.

the main thing is, thank you for the love, your presence, sharing your thoughts. once, twice, three tiiiiiiimes a blogger....


MindiJo said...

Well, good. Then I don't have to worry about you quitting *this* anymore.

ethiopifinn said...


Anonymous said...

"I can live for two months on a good compliment." Mark Twain

( I am in a quotey mood lately. This is a great one.)


mella said...

what a cool learning experience!

Anonymous said...

:) jr

elizabeth said...

Yeah, I think I'd rather not know what people are saying too. Negatives stick in my head (because I always agree - they're not saying anything the voices in my head haven't already said a million times over). Positives stick in my head because the voices are going over how they must not really know me or else they wouldn't think such nice things. Yup, I'd rather know nothing. (Though, it is good practice - because eventually I hope I will get to the point where none of it matters except what I think :)

Love your writings and you. Always.

ethiopifinn said...

b, make that two months and a day.

good quoteyness.

mel, i aspire to your positude!

jr :) back

e, you are just so lovely and loved.