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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

coffee, tea...coffee, tea...

It's been 11 years since I've traveled abroad.  I really miss it.  And I miss hating the smell of the airplane coffee.  I bet I'd like it now that I'm a coffee drinker.  And a tea drinker.  At the moment there are two mugs between me and the screen...one full of tea and one drained of coffee.  I completely forgot to drink my tea this morning.  Huh.


You know how when you were a kid you would suction a cup over your mouth?  I feel like I did that to my brain...There is very little exchange going on with my head right now.  (But my ears are still open.  Do you have something you'd like to say?  Is there something so super fantastic in your world you could share, and by doing so, spread some fastasticness around ethiopifinn?  Or something completely annoying and you need to get it off your chest? {change the names to protect the innocent}  Sing, sister. Lay it on me.)  Maybe I'll just go refill my coffee cup {it was a wedding gift from barb k. who still lives on the street she grew up on, as did I} to see if I can pep up the ol' mellon.
  • i rather prefer caribou to starbucks, and if i'm making coffee at home, i'd choose dunkin' donuts first.
  • once you've had organic whole cream in your coffee, it's really hard to go back to 1% or even half&half.  water.  warm brown water.  (i bought the cream by mistake and didn't realize just why my coffee was so very wonderful for a few days.  beautiful accident.)
  • my husband favors the thinner lipped mug (with a blue kitty picture on it. tres 1989 sweet), while i prefer the heavier, thicker cup. 
  • my lips are fairly thin and my husband has full lips.  coincidence? i think not.
  • if we are driving out of town, it is never a question, we will be stopping at caribou for coffee for the drive, and probably at micky d's for a less-expensive cup on the way back into town.
  • i have to keep pausing between bullets to admire suvi's artwork.
  • yesterday we went up to the salon to trim theo's hair, and suvi insisted on getting her hair done, too.  so i flat ironed it.  i can honestly say now i understand why all the mom's don't like it when their daughters ask me to smooth out their curls.  my baby girl has curls, and i prefer her hair natural.
  • the coloring has now turned into a test of wills.  theo is a perfectionist and is, unfortunately, afraid to try.  suvi is not willing to share the scissor, even though she is not using it.  the whining level is now tremendous.
  • i would now like to go for a swim in my coffee cup. nice and hot, and there are no whining kids inside.
  • i have room in my life for a really wonderful friend to move in to the house next door.  i need someone reliable to borrow a cup of sugar to/from.  with the same type of exchange available for shoulders & leaning on, as well as "you won't believe what just happened over here."  (i do have this type of relationship with a darling handful of chickies, but none of them live in the house next door. brats.)
  • the whining has stopped ( five minutes of separation helped the three of us immensely.)
  • judah is a darling boy with five teeth and a helmet appointment tomorrow.  the helmet has really done a fine job with his sweet headball. (much better success than his older brother found, as theo got his helmet at 8 months old {judah: 7 months} and we got tired of it after 4 months and decided to be done; it corrected his head shape enough that we called it good.) he is napping.
  • part of the reason the kids were getting on so well in the dining room with their art is that theo is actually eating pudding and suvi was digging in the glue stick.  i'm okay with this as it means relatively no whining or fighting. 
  • the envelopes on the cards my husband gives me are almost always addressed "to my beautiful wife" and i am also okay with that.  he's really smart, i know.
  • sometimes it seems life is just so difficult, and marriage and motherhood are really hard, but envelopes like those are good reminders that life is even more wonderful than it is difficult.  being a card carrying member of the hhc (hot husband club) totally helps.
  • i'm sorry, if you've never heard of the hhc, there's a reason.
  • bwahahahaaa.
  • ahem.
  • now suvi is snuggled in her bed {i've brought her back to her room five times, and as i press publish post, i'll bring her for the sixth time}, theo is playing with a gigantic carabiner behind me, and i, my friends, have moved on to my tea.

pink looks good on him.


Anonymous said...

I am a brat who likes the heavier, thicker mugs. There MUST be a good reason why I've never heard of the hhc. I've been a ghost member for 13 years. -jr

ethiopifinn said...

oh girl, you are totally a member. car is a hh for sure. xoxo

elizabeth said...

"I like coffee. I like tea. I like the java; java, it loves me. Coffee and tea for the java in me. A cuppa cuppa cuppa cuppa coffee."

Do you know that it's been *cough* probably almost 20 years since I heard that song (The Ink Spots, I think, WI State Fair). And yet I still remember it. Now there's the power of a rhyme.

I have room for one of those neighbors too. Well, not literally; someone moved into the apartment next door. But they're on temporary assignment and apartments are always opening up. *wishes hard*

elizabeth said...

Oops. I think it's actually "I love the java .."

Jan said...

Well, I am not Suvi's mom, so I think her hair in the straight form is very cute. Maybe it's just 'cause she's so cute. And I am totally with her on the glue stick vs. pudding. She's my kinda girl.

ethiopifinn said...

e, so cute that you remember that song from when you were 4. or so.

jan,you made me giggle.

MindiJo said...

Oooh, you and your husband DO have a good recipe for making children. Suvi's curls make my hair sing. Because I wish that I had hair like hers. So fab.

I preger thicker cups, too. Thin lips I have.

The caribou/mickey d's coffee made me giggle. Ditto.

Long live HHC!!

Fabulous neighbors are hard to come by. So when you get one, hang on with all your might! I had an amazing one in NM. And I do so love my neighbors now- they have borrowed me buttah, sugah, eggs, and much more. But they've been there for me, too. Which is even better than the buttah.

MindiJo said...

Plus. I think you should be prez of the CKC. (Cute kids club). Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Fun post! And you have an amazingly "normal" morning, I think! :) My favorite coffee mug is sentimental, it's one that my grandparents had millions of advertising my grandpa's insurance business. Small, thinnish, and it makes me smile as it reminds me of the value of family.

Close neighbors rock, although I don't see mine enough. But if they are around to take care of your place when you're gone, etc... but you never know what they might ask of you... (like could you catch my child?) :) I just hope I can repay them in some important manner someday!

And I'm amazed that Suvi sat there long enough for you to flatiron all her hair!!!! WOW! :) Cutie!


Anonymous said...

And I totally know why curly heads want to straighten, it feels SO good to be less chaotic for a time up there on the head. A little more orderly, you know? -jr

Anonymous said...

I want that hair! Do you think I could have extentions made from it???? Just mail them to me please. thank you.


ethiopifinn said...

m: buttah. ha!
a: catch my child. too funny/true. i drove by the swedish institute today...smiling thoughts of time gone by.
jr: it is a calmer hairdo. and today she realized it was back to curls, she wants it straight again!
b: yeah, no one would ever guess it wasn't your own natural BROWN hair.

Amy said...

I love this post, because I too love coffee. And I agree with you... once I tried cream, it was hard to go back. Now I buy cream when I want to make my coffee at home seem special (mainly so I don't buy Starbucks in the am, which is right outside my door). My favorite coffee is from The Java House in Iowa City - they brew each cup individually. But, I loved Caribou when I lived in Mpls... don't even get me started on those awesome shortbread cookies with the caramel centers covered by chocolate that they used to have. I also prefer the heavy, substantial mug... especially on the weekends. It feels luxurious. :)
Hope the sun is shining there. :)

ethiopifinn said...

oh Amy, i never had those shortbread cookies and now, well, i feel deprived!!

Enjoy your heavy mug, now that you've returned from the vampire's hours!!