LOVE has come for you.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

it's behind me.

in the effort of keeping it real, i give you this triptych.

i love a good updo.

and the everyday, at home, good morning do.

it was sticking out like a handle!


Laura said...

I wish I had your hair.

ethiopifinn said...

just rat the heck out of it and go to sleep. the magic can be yours!!!

Anonymous said...

does this require two hours after many failed attempts to produce? or can I just whip that up on my head too? sigh. -jr (it looks GREAT!)

MindiJo said...

*giggle* love the handle!

Anonymous said...

No kidding, Joni! :) You're amazing, Jenny! Ang

elizabeth said...

I love the handle. ;)

I also love a good updo, though I was never really good at doing them.