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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

shop around.

If you like to catch a good deal from time to time, I'd like to recommend Groupon.  You have to sign up to take advantage of the deals ( usually half-off or better), but it's easy.  They offer discounted gift certificates for goods and services...last week I got a really great deal on Wuolett's bakery and Redbox, it's where I got that half off a night in Duluth, and a fab deal on photo books.  If you click this link, and make a Groupon purchase now through March 21st, I get a Groupon Reward.  Check it out! You might find something you have to have (like half off the MPLS Institute of Arts, or tanning.  It takes all types.) or really, really need.  And if you use Girl Math, it's really saving money.


MindiJo said...

Girl math! bwahahahahahaha! I love that!

Jan said...

I guess they don't have my towns on the list...or the villages either : )

ethiopifinn said...

joni, i guess that means you have to move. i'm so excited!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jenny - I think that was Jan you were responding to...and for some reason my comment didn't get published ... it was ... are you still doing that d. ramsey thing? :) girl math. hah. jr

ethiopifinn said...

oh yes! my mistake. yes, joni, we are just trying to pay down our debts and not create more. not on the savings train as of yet, tho.

jan, suggest it to the places near you...it might be good for new customers to their shops!