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Thursday, March 10, 2011


tonight calls for a celebration tea
tho a mother, me,
is mother of three,
just three.
according to this afternoon's announcement of body
of evidence-y.

yes, that's right.  i am blogging about, indeed wrote a poem about,
my monthly. (.).
who skipped a month and made my heart skip a beat (or two) as worry & hope (simultaneously) for an 11.11.11 arrival grew in that "what's meant to be will certainly, definitely be" acceptance/anticipation/excitement bubble that lives within this mother of three.

i don't drink disappointment tea,
so i made mine tonight in celebration of
what is, what may be,
you see.


elizabeth said...

I keep reading this because I cannot decide if it's here or not. Every time I read it, I interpret it differently.

Either way, love the poem.

elizabeth said...

I forgot to put my LOL because it's cracking me up that I am so clueless.

ethiopifinn said...

think red. ;)

Anonymous said...

you are hilarious. enjoyed the poem:) -jr

Anonymous said...

i know i'm slow, but, does this mean you *are* expecting?
i know you hate clarifying yourself, but please do,
~ann b.

ethiopifinn said...

ann, no. it means i got my period :P and instead of being disappointed, I just enjoyed my tea. :)
jr. ;)

ethiopifinn said...

and, ann b., i like your directness. it's the hinting and guessing that sometimes drives me nuts (or nuts-er).
love ya!

Leanne said...

Oh, I totally got it. :)

Beautiful, poem, J.

(my word verification is muthi. Monthly. I like it.)

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha!!! You make me crack up.


PS. The word verification is SKITYPEN-----like, maybe skitish pen? That's what I'VE had lately. ha.

MindiJo said...

I've been wondering!

psionn- like pi$$ing on. The old prego test stick.

Anonymous said...

way to see the glass half full! :) I enjoyed the poem!