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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Furr Hennert Oh.

That's right.  This is my 400th post. WOOT WOOT.
I've been looking for THE post of posts.  Searching for something so joyfully fun and something thinkable.  Searching for some type of marvelous contest.  Racking my brain for a super duper give away.  I've been searching Etsy for a gift.  Or an idea.  Googling like a ...person who googles a lot.  I've collected quotes and looked over novel titles, grouponed...nothing.  Nothing seemed appropriate to celebrate my 400th post.  I even thought maybe I would buy myself a gift...either a lace headband or an apron.  Couldn't do it.

This afternoon I spent some time editing photos...now I'm satisfied.  Thanks for joining me for my blog's par-tay.  Maybe the next big number will inspire me to the point of a give-away!!

As we grow in wisdom, we pardon more freely.
        --Madame de Stael


Anonymous said...

400! yay! you've strengthened half of our bridge 400 times more than I have my half. I know your blog isn't all about my needs, you know what I'm saying...:)
LOVE the quote! -jr

elizabeth said...

Happy 400th!

Happy photos. I am so enamored with the 3rd photo.

Anonymous said...

Does Judah always suck his thumb?? I LOVE little thumb-suckers.

Happy 400th!


Brita said...

Happy 400th. Great bath tub photos.

ethiopifinn said...

thank you, friendies!

brita, they got into dad's shaving cream--at least they were kind enough to do it in the tubby!

b-yes he does. just like his future brother-in-law (suvi + m!)

elizabeth...i thought of you when i saw it, too!

jr...i do know. xoxo!