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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

harps and gypsies

This is for ann b and jan and angela (ang yay la), and maybe eems would have come too, because we so would have gone to see these musicians at the cedar if they would have been playing during our other life, as vagabonds and students and professional deep thinkers.  XO!


Anonymous said...

i really need a smaller guitar. one that doesn't look like it could double as a life preserver for me if i fell over board. if i was ever on a boat. cuz maybe people would throw me overboard since i don't play well. maybe i'll keep the big one. i could store snacks in it.
~ann b.

ethiopifinn said...

and a life preserver!

Jan said...

oh yah, baby!
who was the pro. deep thinker?
I love the music, and I loved the stuff we did back then, at least mostly. Do you miss those days sometimes? I really do think of it as my other life. (waxing nostalgic now, sniff.)
Ann, maybe the snacks are for me, and then I'd haul you back on board if needed : )

Anonymous said...

i know the deep thinker wasn't me! i just tagged along with youse guys
~ann b.

Anonymous said...

I'd still go... :)
Set a date! teehee!
(I was keeping Ann company, admiring the deep thinkers as well.) Ang