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Friday, March 18, 2011

suvi loves soup.

  • suvi loves soup. wild rice with carrots and pinto beans, onion, s+p, cayenne, garlic is what i threw together the other day at her request for soup. seriously.  good for her, and easy. she may be a digger, a jumper, a squealer, but she is easy to feed and quick to love.
  • she' nearly 3.  my lovely girl.  last night she walked out of the living room with her hand on her hip, "TOTally. Totally," as she glanced back at me over her shoulder.  Oh, she makes me laugh! 
  • judah is such a dream baby that when he's fussy, i feel confused and kind of ripped off. 
  • yes, i know he has spoiled me. 
  • plus, he loves to snuggle.  are you kidding me, sweet baby boy?  you are a rockstar!
  • theo has poop issues, so we totally make a huge deal out of celebrating the times he does go.  like this morning when he went on his own with no bellyaching (neither literal nor figurative)...we texted dad immediately and the house was filled with excitement.
  • he really wants to go to "our hotel" and have fun in the water park.  we went there a YEAR ago.  he doesn't forget.
  • my husband has had an irritatingly long-lasting cold, which doesn't keep him up at night or make him cough much, just some sinus congestion and fatigue.  this makes me feel sorry for him, but i'm pretty sure my cold is MUCH worse.
  • the whole helpless when i'm sick thing is not just for boys in my house. ahem.
  • his new job is much more challenging and busy and fulfilling than the former position, so even though it is much more work, and i had to adjust my work hours (starting at 5:30) which gets me home AFTER the kids go to bed almost always (and they now tell me not to go to work), i am so relieved. 
  • and thankful.
  •  i've been struggling a bit lately.  is it from being sick?  exhausted? (the kids were all getting up in the night with the colds...now just judey with more teething) do i need a little vacay (um, duh. of course i do, but will it really help)? do i need a med adjustment?
  • why do i have to think THINK so very much.  i'd really love to just float a bit more through each lovely day.
  • i brought my camera with me to work last night.  but she just stayed in my purse.
  • i've been taking a lot, i mean, A.LOT. of photos of myself lately.  2 days ago theo asked, "Mommy, why are you taking so many pictures of yourself?"  it made me giggle and realize that i didn't really know.  i told him as much and hopped in the shower.  weird how sometimes it helps.
  • a week ago the kids and i decided we would just pack up the car and drive to the beach.  daddy agreed.  it's not practical, of course, to drive 1250 miles in our little car with 3 kids, so we're not actually going, but i enjoyed a weekend of entertaining the idea.  and remembering what sea air feels like, and sand, and sunshine.
  • i'm not crazy about the mud in our yard, but i am pretty wild about the warmer temps.
  • i haven't baked bread for over 2 weeks, what with all the sickos around here.  just didn't want to put my hands in dough.  i'm hopeful for monday.
  • i've been thinking about changing my name.  ethiopifinn. my first idea is rather close to some other coined names...so think some more i shall.
  • bullets are so handy in organizing scattered thoughts.  like a pretty box for all the things you want to keep but aren't sure where to store them. together. under one little lid.
  • if you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes transformation.  --jiddu krishnamurti


Anonymous said...

I love the fact of your 2nd-to-last bullet. So well put, and so colorfully illustrated in this blog:) I feel the relief of putting those thoughts down, from way over here. I'd like to give it a try...:) -jr

Anonymous said...

And thanks for sharing the photos, I love them. I'm intrigued, wondering why my camera just sits on the table forgotten. Hmmm. -jr

ethiopifinn said...

give it a try! both the putting down of thoughts and the picking up of camera.
the silent sentimentalist.

MindiJo said...

I don't just likey. I lovey!
Thanks for all the thoughts organized so neatly.

Anonymous said...

i like you. sometimes, like is better than love.
~ann b.

mella said...

lovely peek into your lovely headball...

nice krishnamurti quote too.

elizabeth said...

I saw that first photo on FB and was wondering what it was on your nose. My guess was one of those nose strip things but it didn't seem quite right. Ummm, yeah .. apparently I was wrong. ;)

I've been planning vacations over here myself for April. So far, I've planned four of them. I don't know that I'll do any of them at all - it turns out it's just as therapeutic to just plan them. :) (At the same time, I feel like this is like when my mom said that after she gave up ice cream, it was just as much fun to watch someone eat it as it would have been to eat it herself. Not so much, I say.)

ethiopifinn said...

yes, we plan and dream trips rather frequently over here. even price flights and search for things to do...
imagination is so useful!

and you make me smirk about the ribbon.