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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Here's the 411: this is my four-hundred eleventh post. Word.  We spent a night in Duluth...Love it up there.  We stayed at a new to us place, used the groupon, the gas fireplace and the mondo jet tub, on the point side of the lift bridge.  Sweet.

The kids were concerned that Judah didn't make it to Grammy's house with them, she said he stayed with Auntie Mari.  We're just going to keep up that fib, unless they study the pictures and catch on: Judah was in Duluth!  Theo showed his disappointment at our interrupting his computer time when we arrived to pick them up.  My Suvi-girl hugged and patted and smoochied me for about six minutes straight. I asked them separately how the overnights went; fun at Mari's and fun at Grandma's, although they seemed more relaxed and excited about being at Grandma's house.Theo's been asking for a "Scrub Way" chocolate chip cookie since June when he ate one for the first time.  There was still a little left on the gift card (part of an awesome and super thoughtful gift for Judah's birth) from some HHC girls (and others?), so I knew it was time...Theo squealed with joy.  {People, no need to get your kid a toy or t-shirt when you go away, a cookie will do.}
We went for a Duluth weekend to celebrate H's 40th birthday two years ago.  That was the last time we went away together, too long ago.  I was pretty teary for the first stretch of the drive then, the looks on their faces made me feel so bad!  This go round was way easier.  Theo got a little "I don't know why there was tears in my eyes, Mommy, because I was NOT crying, and then they went away," in the evening at Mari's.  But poop stories, like the ones he told, would cheer anyone right up, I'm sure.

Suvi's pressure valve let loose as soon as she got out of the car.  She started sobbing because she was afraid the train was coming (she does not like to be outside when it goes past our house).  She sobbed and sobbed while I was unlocking the door, and for some time once we were inside.  Poor Suves.  She sat with me on the couch, snuggling her blanky-with-stars.  Just let it out, my little Lamb! 
Theo's bawling started after he'd played outside a while.  His little hands were so cold from mudding...it was 'the straw'.  He cried while we rinsed the mud off, he cried while I held him, he cried and snuggled and pushed and acted out...  H took Suvi to the city to get injera, so while Judah napped, Theo was able to decompress.  I remember that it went on for a couple of days the last time...like a punishment for leaving him!  He really did much better this time, I don't anticipate that it will go any further.  After he was all snug in his bed, I layed down with him to whisper and cozy until he got sleepy.  I told him how brave he is for spending 2 nights away from home at two different places.  He closed his eyes and smiled...


Anonymous said...

What an adventure this blog post is:) I got lost in it. Those fragile little souls...thanks for detailing. And the feeling between the lines -- a bit of relief and refreshment? I hope so. I'm glad you got away. -jr

Jan said...

your kids are lucky. I think I brought them driftwood and rocks last time Ron and I went to Duluth :)
Glad you had a good time and the kids survived!

Anonymous said...

I like that your kids are still excited by a cookie. I hope they can always stay that way:)

It sounds like you had a good time. Every couple needs that recharge time.


MindiJo said...

Recharge time! I like that, B.
Good for you for doing that for you and H and your kids. Because when mama is happy...
This post was wonderful. I read it twice. Simply because your words! They mesh together like a beautiful rainbow.
I just booked some recharge time for Z and I. A bit of a splurge it shall be, but we deserve it. We decided. It's coming up on 11 years for us, so...

My girls, 6 & 8 asked for a sucker and a pack of gum from MN. They also have expensive taste. Heehee.

Leanne said...

Oh sheesh. So gorgeous. All of it. Your camera and your eye take GREAT pics, lady.

elizabeth said...

When Mama is happy, everybody is happy. Glad you had fun and the kiddos did too.

p.s. I'd totally love a cookie as a present if I was left home alone. Especially if it were a prune tart.