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Friday, April 1, 2011

past my bedtime

i am not sure what i was thinking when i started my bread tonight.  it's in the oven now at half 12 and i am keeping my lids propped open with toothpicks over here. dang! sleepy...
and i made cinnamon rolls to bring over to my sister tomorrow.  she's watching the kids.  we'll be home, and the kidlets are having an overnight with their auntie and uncle.  theo mentioned as he was trying not to fall asleep tonight that he's no longer interested in going to auntie mari's house.  poor sweetie pie...getting nervous.  me too, when i am tired.  suvi and judah were both up in the night, it took me a while to find slumber again after they were settled.  so my mind occupied itself with worry about my children being away from home.  i sooooo need the break (has it been 2 years--it HAS!), but it just doesn't feel right to be apart!  i do look forward to 24 hours with the hubbinator.  and hopefully sleeping through the night!

today we went OUT for breffy--i love that, it was H and Theo's plan, which made it extra fun.  in the afternoon we hit up the MOA to take the kids for a few rides.  ya just can't help but smile when they are so thrilled for a little carousel round.  i bumped into Among These Hills' niece, HL, still as smiley as ever.  It really didn't bother me that much that she has not aged. AT ALL.  anyhoo...
the bread came out of the oven.  notice there is no photo to follow.  the loaves are a bit on the humble side this time.  good thing is, i ain't afraid of no ugly bread.  i'll eat it, and i won't even think twice about it.  it's my duty to keep the butter business going.
off to dreamland now, sleep tight!

i might have eaten two of these (from the magnolia ln cookbook)

i love this headband, but i am feeling a little old for it...a bit big for suvi


Brita said...

I so know who HL is. The smile and not aging gave it away. :)

Jan said...

Yah, it's those dimples, isn't it? They'll keep her forever young!

Anonymous said...

Have a fun get-away!


MindiJo said...

Hope your time with your husband was dreamy. Both in the sleep dept and the bonding dept.

And, no, the headband is not too young for you. Quit acting like you are 102.

elizabeth said...

I hope your alone time was wonderful. :)

I share your "keep the butter business going" duty. I realize it's a hard job, but someone has to do it, so it might as well be me. Ok, maybe I do enjoy it, but one might as well enjoy one's duty. ;)

Someone else just mentioned the Magnolia Lane cookbook. Darn. I wish I could remember who it was. I feel like it has something to do with soup. I might have to go to B&N and look at it - maybe we are meant to be together.