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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oh My BoY!

I couldn't decide which one to post :)

I have been thinking about that week Judah was born, looking at the hospital photos gives me a bit of a lump and a pain in my throat.  Remembering the uncertainty with Judah and with my Mom...  We truly never know what tomorrow brings.  Judah is healthy and delightful.  So is Gram.  Phew!  Thank you for the support and for the love you sent us during that ultra stressful time of strangeness.  It is good to remember the love

I would like to send out a little love. 
In honor of Judey-boy's first birthday, I am having a drawing
 for this:

and a little surprise something, too.
To Enter, please leave a comment with a post or theme from my blog that resonates with you, and any question you'd like me to answer.  OR, share a bit of yourself with a few words of your own...this is your chance to shine or sweetly shareYou can also enter by emailing me a photo, if that is your language, but I will be posting any photo entries.  For the quiet types, you can enter anonymously with your answers, but if you win, you'll have to email me with your Name-o.  I'll keep your privacy.  I will do the drawing on Mem Day or there 'bouts.  Create, share, connect.  PLAY ALONG ALREADY!! For gratitude's sake.

Love, Jenny and Judah


Anonymous said...

I am the first comment!! yay!

I got a chuckle at your "nutser" post. When I hung up the phone that day, I felt WHOLE. You made me laugh, you let me cry, and you helped me find "a better place". I cherish you, girl.

( and I look forward to our much talked about, some time in the future, not yet planned, trip to see our sista in AZ.....)


PS. Happy Birthday sweet Judah!

ethiopifinn said...

funny, i really liked that nutser post myself! and i treasure our convos, and judah says thanks.

Anonymous said...

now that you've blogged awhile, do you feel it has brought you closer to people? not asking if that was goal of doing a blog, but that is a ... consequence?...of doing one.
~ann b.

Anonymous said...

For the LOVE of gratitude and Judah I want to say HI and HaPpY BiRtHdAy to your babes.....he is so stinkin cute. Leanna misses him so much....and I miss you too!

btw...I can't pick a favorite post cuz they are all my favorite....


ethiopifinn said...

ann, yes, i think that an unexpected ...consequence... of blogging is the new circle of friends around me.
it's possible to "see" old friends in a new light and reconnect, and there are some new friendships that were born as a direct result. I have found a few heart-y bloggers with whom I feel a deep connection.

hi nan. miss you. kiss my daughter-in-law for me. xo!

MindiJo said...

I don't have a favorite post of yours. That would be impossible. But I love when you get into the nitty gritty that makes life what it is. Your honesty is so refreshing and inspiring.

Mostly I am glad that you started blogging so I could connect with you, start a club with you, share lunch and most of the afternoon, things like that. You rock!

Thank you for coming into my life in this way.

MindiJo said...

Oh, plus we get a question! That's right.

When will we have lunch again? Or a cup of joe?

ethiopifinn said...

Mindizzle, I was *just* thinking how nice a lunch would be (especially if i don't have a baby or get the pukes). It was last Friday and I was driving home smiling about how much i liked the first lunch. WHEN can it happen again? lets meet half-way. i heard there's a white castle on the tollway...

Anonymous said...

I love all your posts, they help me to know where you're at, and they're always varying in content, but never a dull moment. I had fun with your polls, and shopping days...(I did actually buy my clock online, so I guess I have ventured into online shopping after all).

I'm glad especially that your mom had a good year and could celebrate Judah's 1st year!
Love you, girl!

Pete/Heidi said...

While I could not name a favorite post, I could name my favorite thing about your blog... and that is its honesty. Its life in its truest form, not reworked, revised, and redone. It takes somebody very special to write so openly about life... and post pictures to match -- I love that not all your photos involve everyone smiling in their best, but sometimes involve kids twirled in the curtains or your daughter looking cute as ever looking like she is upset underneath the drying hood. Thank you for sharing your insight, honesty, humor, and life through your blog. Heidi

Anonymous said...

thanks heidi :)

and joni, i love that you are here as much as you are.

(it's me, ethiopifinn)

elizabeth said...

I love all your posts, especially the nitty-gritty ones. (Like the nutser post, which comes to mind of the latest ones).

Happy birthday to Judah!

Emily said...

When I first learned what a blog was I thought, "Jenny should do that!" And low and behold there you were. :) I've always loved your writing and YOU. Your Mamalliteration reminds me so much of your writing you shared in our college years. Love it! It's so nice to be in touch with you again. That leads into the question - Is it hard/strange that blogging is so one-sided?

Jan said...

Of course, your depression posts ring strong with me, but sometimes almost painful- too close to home.

I like seeing your photos.

And I like reading your take on being a mom, and how to fit it in with the rest of your life.

Anonymous said...

Emily has a great question, I'd like to hear the answer too! It's hard for me, that it's so one sided!:) -jr

ethiopifinn said...

Lib, nutser, the actual word, just makes me laugh. it's so right! and judah says, "gogogo OW!" i'm guessing that means 'thanks'?

emily, it just feels better to be in touch.
yes, sometimes the one-sidedness of the blog is hard, because any response i might find will be after a bit of wait time. but mostly i like the thought of cracking open the shell and sharing the fruit of the nut with all who gather here ;)

jan, sometimes when i go back and read my own posts about depression, or even just those from a darker time (like december, my posts seemed so numbed) i don't recognize them. my own words! and going back to look at some other blogs' posts, posts i read when they were current, now are so different to me. WEIRDNESS :)

joni...the house next door is still open. you could watch me blog from the window, read the post, then holler out the window for me to pour the coffe and you could slip over and hash it out IN PERSON. just saying. xo

Jan said...

Oh, and I like that I can here your "voice" coming through the blog.

mella said...

it sums up pretty much all of what resonates with me. the range of all the *good* stuff that is just.real.life.
when I check in on your blog, it's the raw-ness, challenges as well as joys, of the human condition that you bring to light and remind me to feel.whatifeel. with a dose of light.ness and sassy-ness coiled in.

the question I'd like you to answer is one I am currently sitting with and will probably blog about myself... what lifts you into a higher perspective of your overall life, current situations and conditions aside, and is there any imagery you connect with that grounds you at the same time?
grateful for you. mmmmmmwa.

ethiopifinn said...

melbs, i'll have to ponder on this awhile, and come back...

mella said...

no need to respond, that is more of a personal contemplation and a bit 'deep', eh? ♥

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

A favorite post would be hard to choose. I like the ones about weight/self-image and depression because they resonate well with me. Your honesty is awesome and I love reading your writing. I enjoy (re-)connecting with your thru blogging!

~ Jennifer

I hope he had a fabulous birthday. He's such a doll!

Word ver. is oxacre. Sounds like a farm...

Brita said...

Jenny, I love that we reconnected through our blogs. I felt a connection way back then, and I feel one now. My favorite thing about your blog is the humor! You're hilarious. I find myself shaking in my chair sometimes as I follow your quick subject changes. And BTW, thank you so much for that swaddling blanket. It has become a necessity. Today, Patrick was fussy fussy fussy. I wrapped him up tight in that thing, and I rocked him to sleep. He slept for hours all tightly wrapped. In fact, I'm going to order another one for when that one's in the wash. Question: Where ever did you find the most adorable name ever, Suvi?

ethiopifinn said...

jennifer--thanks! and i check your blog for inspiration daily.

brita--i'm so glad you get the humor. i just love the weight of those blankets.
Suvi is a Finnish name! But I first heard it in a song by a couple of guys called Storyhill, back when they were called Chris and Johnny. I knew she had to have a Finn name, we rediscovered it in a Finnish name book.

Anonymous said...

The house next door scenario brings a visual of another house next door and me yelling out the door, "call me!" when you arrived home. I didn't know how good I had it:) -jr