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Monday, June 6, 2011

blank page

rabba dabba blabba doo.

know what i'm sayin?

  • it's a bummer when i gain weight and my legs get rubbier and my boobages get over-flowier
  • pretty sure my sweet tooth as of late is totally unrelated to the previous bullet
  • er wait...
  • last night i got to have a long talk with a gal who lives a long ways away.  it was ridiculous.
  • it's boilin' hot out there today.
  • i just might hate ants-in-the-house more than i hate snow on the ground. (especially since i don't hate snow on the ground.  i just have less tolerance for april snow than december snow, yet more than my combined tolerance of indoor creeping ants.  GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, if you are an ant.)
  • whenever i say ishkabibua, i miss fuddy.  and i miss her at other times, like when it's been 2 years since our last wisit.
  • i feel bananas are imperative, but i don't like to eat them plain: in cereal, yogurt, ice cream, bread or cake (of course, banana bread IS cake in a loaf pan)
  • i was red hot mad at somebody this morning, but after my nap, i realized my DH does not need to move out.  just because he picked up all the toys and didn't sort them doesn't mean we can't still live under the same roof.
  • i have about [__] <--this much motivation today.  even though it's monday.  so i kicked the kids off the computer and am bulleting. 
  • i will not bite the bullet and clean.
  • ishkabibua.
  • it's all rather ridiculous, really.
  • when i stayed with that delightful family in kello, i read one book to the boys many times.  i often hear the opening words in my mind, "olipa kerran kuningas ja kuningatar jotka olivat juuri saaneet pikku tytto vauva." 
  • sorry, i don't know how to get umlauts on a pc.
  • those boys were 3 and 6 when i was in their home.  they didn't remember 'amerikan jenni' when they came to the U.S. a couple-three years ago.  oi! samppa oli silloin niin pieni, mutta nyt samppa ja paulus ovat oikein nice ja oikein tall nuoret miehet. 
  • i have not been to finland in the spring.  someday i will go there with my toy-mixing husband and we will be tourists ALL over that kallis maa.
  • reading women food and god was so good for me, but i want to read it over again right now thank you.
  • i pulled out the sewing machine on saturday night.  stayed up til 2 creating.  so fun. 
  •  i made this little set for judah... no patterns, just winged it.  the onesie is gerber.
    i got this shirt when i was expecting judah.  after he was born, it was just too ill fitting: too big in the shoulder and not big enough around the hips and bumshaker.  i got the idea to make it into a dress august of last year.  i got stuck and put it away til saturday night.
    suvi wore it to church yesterday (sans underoos, which i discovered when we got there!), but she is refusing to model it for me today.  too hot, she says.
that piece over the pleats is a section from one of my grandmother's housecoats.  and in the hem is a length of tule from my veil.  the hem bells out, reminding me of a who from whoville, or kind of jetson-y when suvi wears the dress.


Emily said...

Adorable creations! Didn't know you were that handy with thread. :) I love onsies with ties on them. Makes me almost wish I had a little newborn boy to wear one.

Anonymous said...

wicked awesome sewing skills! love to see your creative side.
~ann b.

Brita said...

The ill fitted shirt- too funny. And how cute in girls dress form!

Deanna said...

I am flabbergasted at your crazyyy goodness with the ole' needle and thread machine...seriously sennifer...you rock!

Anonymous said...

wow. gal you got talent.

ANTS???!!! We got them too! And we had them all winter! ewwwww.


Leanne said...

THIS is my favorite funny post ever. And if you had any idea what kind of week(end) I've just had, you'd know that God asked you to post that silliness *just* for me. Gracias. In Finn.

Good luck kicking out the ants. I always tell pests: If you don't pay rent, you can't stay here.

Toymixing husband. Heh.

Thanks again. A bazillion.

Anonymous said...

“Ishkabibua!” I almost forgot I ever knew that word…hoping it’s a warm, Fuddy reminder!

Anonymous said...

I love this post - I love the pictures, your creations, your bullets! I got great enjoyment out of your red-hot madness and the amount of your motivation and remembering my frustration at your not liking bananas when we were young (I just discovered I like peaches, took me this long for the same reason -I must've eaten a not-so-ripe one when I was little). And I'm fighting ants for the 1st time...I don't welcome them either. And I'm still working my way throught the book, because I've got a couple others going at the same time, not typical of me:) But it's SO good! -jr

ethiopifinn said...

JR!!! I didn't remember your frustration over me not liking bananas! lol!
and i can totally see you eating one.

so funny.

i remember laughing in denny's hearing a byerly's (?) ishkabibua story. very nice memory. <3

leanne, de nada. ;) in english. so so glad to share the laughs. i'm right on the toymixing, tho. it's a major no-no.

b, skillz.
ants are MADDENING. yet, you are fun.

dj dazzy d, no. YOU rock.

brita and ann :)

emily, me too. a newborn, i mean. because now my baby is 1! i love a good newborn.

elizabeth said...

I am in awe at your sewing skills. I can sew a button. That's about it.

I have a candy tooth lately. I'd 'splain it, but I might 'splain it in my blog tomorrow. You'll see.

Ants! I am willing to kill ants, and I don't like to kill anything, even bugs. They are mean. They file in in hordes and cover everything and there is a black line of them and they make you cry in misery and give-up-ness and will not go away and do not die almost ever. I say, "Get out, Jenny's not-ants!"

MindiJo said...

I love you and your creating. Way to go, you madly talented woman!