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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Top Ten Things You NEED To Know TODAY

10) If I ever made my own ice cream, I am pretty sure it would be vanilla malt ice cream with marshmallow cream swirl, peanut butter swirl, a fudgie component, and some kind of crunch-- like fudge dipped oreos, or some graham cracker crunchies, or just pretzels.

9) I figured out--finally--the title for my movie, or should I say, one of my screen plays: Meet Me In St Louis

8)I am still thinking about a weekend away for the LBC (Lady Blogger Crew).  Can we camp?  Or find a steal of a deal on a place that would include a fire pit, and hopefully a body of water? 

7) Since it's my idea, I get to make the rules, and will be accepting applications for membership to the LBC.

6) If you are part of the HHC, you are exempt from making an application, because you are OBVIOUSLY necessary in the success of the weekend, and member of LBC by default.

5) I found an outfit to wear to my niece's wedding in September.  Separates including a long skirt, patterned cami, and a soft and bright shrug.

4) Got the message LOUD and CLEAR from my mother that I will have to do some shoe shopping (Mj: "What shoes are you going to wear?" Ethiopifinn: "Well, I thought these," motioning to my fancy little flip flops.  Mj: "Ohh.")

3) Our new car is really easy to drive and I have never been so protective feeling over a car before.

2) H got stung by a bee this evening.  (Not the front door guys, but from the same family, I bet.)

and the number one random for this fine feathered ethiopifinn...

Today was the most beautiful day of the summer (so far!) and I loved my nap in the morning, lunch at the lake in the afternoon, grilled brats and potatoes in the evening, and this time between the kids going night-night and me hittin' the hay.


Anonymous said...

Movie title got a laugh out of me, I'm SO relieved at the exemption of HHC members and can't help remember poor Marta, who obviously didn't hold a spot as near to your heart...LOVELY photos:) -jr

Anonymous said...

oh, her HAIR!!! (I know, I know. I always have to comment on her hair---but YOU would too if all you had to work with was thin and stringy.)

Funny moon. My baby asked me just the other day, "Mom, what happens when you moon someone???" I couldn't answer because I was laughing too hard!

Thinking of you today.


Brita said...

That top left of baby needs to be enlarged and framed. And would my Baby Patrick need to submit an application? I'm liking the sounds of a lake and a fire pit.

Tara said...

I totally dreamed about you last night. Not sure where that came from, but it sure was fun hanging out with you!

ethiopifinn said...

tara, that is so funny! i'm glad we had a good time, too :)

brita, patrick is so in.

b, i wish i could have heard your baby ask that question! he must've been hearing big kids talk.

oooh, marta. she was a dear little car. i didn't worry about her getting scratched or dirty. it never even occured to me!!!

elizabeth said...

I'd like to apply. I could use a lake and a fire pit. Can Atlas apply? He's not a lady, but he's definitely a blogger. ;)

ethiopifinn said...

e-if brita needs to bring your baby, i'm pretty sure you need to bring your baby. i would LOVE to see you both!